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It's not unusual for people to search for the best Oregon weed shops. It only varies depending on the year and how many shops you want to learn more about before making your purchase.

Oregon was the first US state to terminate the criminal penalties imposed for possession of a small quantity of cannabis. It was also among the first to allow the legalization of cannabis both for medical and recreational uses, making the demand of opening dispensaries very high.

The Top Oregon Weed Shops

Oregon State flag in blue with yellow lettering.

Oregon Weed Shops

To make it easier for you to look for the right online pot shop, here are 15 of the best Oregon cannabis stores for the year 2021:

 1. Kings of Canna

Oregon weed shop The Kings of Canna logo.

Weed Shop in Oregon

It's a luxurious Oregon marijuana shop with a Sherlock Holmes-inspired theme. It is among the favorites of many customers and growers not only for the aesthetics but also for its products' reasonable prices.

It has a 1930s cigar-room appeal with the wood floors in mahogany color and warm lighting. You can check the products in a wraparound case against a red velvet background.

This shop only allows in-store shopping as of the moment. You can find a variety of good generic flowers for $60 per ounce, Nelson & Co. Organics for $14 per gram, and so much more.

 2. Bridge City Collective

This Oregon dispensary is straightforward and simple. It wouldn't make you feel daunted even if it is your first time inside this kind of shop. It offers a balance of a down-to-earth style and polished space. The shop offers a reliable service with choices that won't feel too overwhelming.

It sells local favorites, such as High Noon Cultivation and Pruf Cultivar, and wide-range choices of vapables, oils, and edibles.

It has delivery services, curbside pick-up, and in-store shopping at its two main locations – New North Portland and Central Eastside Bar District.

 3. Oregon's Finest

Oregon's Finest Weed shop logo in black and white.

Oregon's Finest Weed Shop

It has two shops: one is near the Convention Center, and the other in the Pearl District. The shop offers a variety of high-end strains from popular growers.

They have premium concentrates, in-house grow, fresh farms, and the latest vape tech. You can contact them for delivery and curbside pick-up if you can't find time for in-store shopping.

 4. Archive

It is known for its seed bank of authentic and popular strains and genetics. Archive weed shop offers a pick-up option and in-store shopping. Many people flock to the place and wait patiently in line despite being situated at the far east of the city center.

This dispensary offers almost everything you might be looking for in Oregon weed shops. It has plant clones, a phenomenal seed collection, and an expertly curated list of home-grown plants. Venturing inside will allow you to pick straight from the breeders of popular strains, such as Do-Si-Dos and Scooby Snacks.

 5. Five Zero Trees

Oregon weed shop Five Zero Trees logo.

Five Zero Trees Logo

It started as a medical shop in the Southeast. Even back then, Portland residents sought them out for being an authority in the field, especially when it comes to flowers. The store has curbside pick-up and in-store shopping options.

 6. Farma

Farma, among the many marijuana stores in Oregon, is the kind with a scientific ambiance. This is mostly because a weed scientist opened it.

It offers a selection of carefully curated products. The store has been known for its ethical practices and organic materials used in their selections.

 7. Jayne

Oregon weed shop Jayne's logo in black lettering with a weed leaf in the middle.

Oregon Weed Shop Jayne

When looking for herbal goods or you may only want to find out more about the medical marijuana prices in Oregon, this is a user-friendly shop you should check out.

It offers a wide selection of topicals and edibles, including tinctures, sensual oil, and transdermal patches from Luminous Botanicals. Aside from in-store shopping, you can also place orders for delivery or pick-up.

The store's ambiance is inviting, and it is keen on details, including a bound and tangible paper menu, mossy green decor, and non-infused chips and candy to give the air a grounded feeling.

 8. TreeHouse Collective

This weed shop offers some of the best concentrates and flowers in Portland. Their products come from the known farms, including Evans Creek Farms, Tao Gardens, Ten Four Farms, and Resin Ranchers.

The shop offers niche concentrates, rosin bladder, hash rosin, live resin, and many more. You can set up for a curbside pick-up or visit the place for in-store shopping.

 9. Green Muse

This cannabis dispensary used to be called the Green Hop since it has a hip-hop theme. From the moment you set foot inside the store, you will be amazed by the creative ambiance, colorful walls with graffiti, and speakers playing hip-hop tunes.

The shop changes the usual way of what you may know about how to buy pot in Oregon. The selection is organized by the best of local flowers and how they relate to certain music artists. For example, it related Stevie Wonder with the high and balanced CBD effects of Critical Mass.

The store is open for curbside pick-up and in-store shopping.

 10. Serra

Counter and wall display with neutral colors inside an Oregon weed shop

Inside of Serra Weed Shop

Serra is among the poshest Oregon weed shops you can find in the area. It boasts various artistic details from its interior design to its custom floor tiles.

You will be amazed at the collection on their shelves. They have Pruf Cultivar, and add-ons, such as weed spliffs and herbal from Barbari and 20 mg chocolate bars made by Woodblock Chocolate.

The best way to enjoy the store is through in-store shopping, but you can also set up delivery or curbside pick-up options.

 11. Electric Lettuce Weed Shop

It offers the same fine quality as its sister brand, Serra. This Oregon recreational dispensary has a “Summer of Love” theme. The store looks quite classy.

The shop has tchotchkes and vintage political posters covering the walls. Its line of edibles, oils, and flowers are categorized into 5 depending on their effects – easy, mellow, cosmic, groovy, aware, and active.

It offers delivery and curbside pick-up options aside from in-store shopping.

 12. Zion Cannabis

If you are looking for cannabis products tailor-made for your specific needs, you may want to look into Zion Cannabis and ask for assistance with your requirements. They have knowledgeable and friendly staff to guide you about the process.

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 13. Urban Farmacy

Oregon weed shop Urban Farmacy's logo in black and white.

Oregon Weed Shop Urban Farmacy's Logo

With super friendly staff and decently priced products, you will love coming back to this Oregon dispensary. It offers many edible and other diverse product options.

They are located in Portland, Oregon. Urban Farmacy has been around since 2014. They are both a recreational dispensary and medical one.


 14. Natural Wonders

If you are searching for Oregon pot shops that can help you decide what to buy, drop by this store to solve your dilemma. It has knowledgeable staff that you can ask anything you need to know about their product lines' strains and varieties.

15. MindRite Weed Shop

The shop is classy, with superb customer service. Its products are organized and decently priced.

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