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Pot in a glass jar from a dispensary in Chicago.

Pot from a Dispensary in Chicago

There are plenty of pot dispensaries popping up in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Despite all the bad news this year, with the pandemic negatively affecting thousands of industries and millions of lives, there is one industry that continues to rise; the weed market in Illinois.

Recreational marijuana was officially made legal in Illinois as of January 1, 2020. With this came a huge boom in demand and production of recreational pot in the state. Now, the state is reaching $1 billion worth of weed sales in 2020 alone.

You may be asking, “where is the closest dispensary near me?” well, this article will help you out.

Let’s look at some of the best weed dispensaries you can visit in and around Chicago. Always remember to enjoy your recreational marijuana responsibly, stay healthy, and stay high folks!

Sunnyside Cannabis Dispensary Lakeview

Location: 3812 N. Clark St. – Lakeview

The first-ever retail brand from Cresco Labs, Sunnyside Dispensary is one of the top players when it comes to serving legal recreational or medical weed to the people of Chicago. Its goal is to become more than a dispensary for weed but also become overall wellness and educational center.

Each of their branches has a dedicated area where customers will learn more about the products they’re buying and how they can fit them into their wellness plans. The staff is very polite, accommodating, and extremely knowledgeable about the subjects.

Sunnyside’s branch at Lakeview is currently accepting online orders for both medical and recreational marijuana. This is to encourage minimal contact with people during the ongoing pandemic.  

Sunnyside Cannabis Dispensary Schaumburg

Location: 1739 E. Golf Road – Schaumburg, IL

Another branch of Sunnyside is in Schaumburg. This makes them the first cannabis dispensary located in the area. Just like all the other Sunnyside locations, the main focus is education. There is an area where customers can ask various questions about the use of recreational and medical marijuana.

They can also discuss with the knowledgeable staff what the best products are for their needs. They also offer no-contact; safe in-store pick up to uphold pandemic measures.

Dispensary 33

Location: 5001 N. Clark St. – Andersonville

If you want to experience history, visit Dispensary 33. This place was one of Chicago’s very first pot dispensaries to open to the public. The interior is beautifully designed and elegant, never has buying weed feel so fancy. They offer a huge range of high-quality products just waiting for you to try out. Dispensary 33 has both recreational and medical marijuana for sale.

While they are currently accepting walk-ins, it is strongly encouraged that customers make a reservation to pick-up their items. This is to reduce person-to-person contact in the shop during the pandemic. Customers should also expect to wait sometime after arriving before they can pick-up their items, as per the safety guidelines. 

MOCA Pot Dispensary

Location: 2847 W. Fullerton Ave. – Logan Square

Of all the pot dispensaries to visit in Chicago, MOCA – also known as Modern Cannabis is on top of the list. Not only do they offer a great selection of marijuana products, but they also aim to educate the masses about the facts and misconceptions of marijuana. MOCA often holds educational events at every Emporium Arcade location in Chicago.

They aim to bring down the stigma that marijuana has on its name by providing high-quality educational material to the public. Right now, they are offering pick-ups for both medical and recreational marijuana.   

Greenhouse Skokie

Location: 10,000 Skokie Blvd. – Skokie, IL

Greenhouse has opened its new flagship weed dispensary, Skokie. The location is 15,000-sq ft. large and has two floors. Its interior has a very modern yet natural vibe, with plenty of greens. This is the first dispensary from Greenhouse that serves entirely recreational marijuana.

They sell all Illinois raised marijuana, so you’re guaranteed to be supporting local growers, and thus further enhancing the market. You can now shop for your marijuana products online and even place a preorder for pickup at their location.

NuEra Chicago

Location: 1308 W. North Ave. – Wicker Park

Formerly known as NuMed, NuEra is determined to not let the amazing milestone of weed legalization in Illinois go to waste. They are excited to serve high-quality and safe recreational or medical marijuana to the people of Illinois and hopefully to the rest of the world in the future.

You can visit their online store and order your products safely. You can make a pre-order and pick-up your products contactless at their store. Also, they’re now accepting debit as payment on checkout. Join the new era of cannabis today! 

Windy City Cannabis

Location: 923 W. Weed St. – Lincoln Park

Named after the city’s nickname, Windy City Cannabis is now open for service. It is located at the appropriately named Weed Street. The dispensary only offers recreational pot, however, all of it is high-quality and locally grown. Their wide selection is one of their selling points.

They have done plenty of measures to help curb the spread of the pandemic. In addition to strictly following the safety guidelines, they have also implemented their own.

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Customers are encouraged to make curbside pick-ups to lessen contact, cleaning is increased in frequency, and there are plenty of hand sanitizers available in store. The best way to order your products is via online, so visit their website today.   

Mission Illinois

Location: 8554 S. Commercial Ave. – South Shore

Featuring a sleek and unique interior design, Mission Illinois stands out from the rest with its professional looking environment. Their main goals are to provide an inclusive and safe space for users to enjoy the products.

On top of this, they want to educate the mainstream population about the positives of marijuana and how it can contribute to your overall wellness. Mission Illinois is also very charitable, hosting charities that all go to great causes. Customers are highly recommended to order their products online to cut down the traffic inside the shop.

If you want to enjoy your high while also contributing to a good cause, we recommend checking out Mission Illinois. 

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