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Both medical recreational marijuana and medical marijuana has begun to create many job opportunities, ever since marijuana became legal in so many states and not just the states of Washington, Colorado and California. In 2009, Americans went through a time similar to the Great Recession, but since then and after President Obama took office, it has gotten better, especially the employment rate. Another contributor, though, to this problem is the cannabis industry and what it offers to the American people, especially in the states where marijuana has been legalized. People now have a chance to change careers and possibly get into one of the 420 careers that are now available.

Finding New Employment

However, not only can Americans find new employment or change careers, but also become a cannabis business owner. This is a viable option in a time when marijuana is legal. To become a cannabis business owner, business training is also important. Just like people are going to California or Colorado to get a piece of the green rush and to find employment, others are going to open up marijuana dispensaries. CTU offers a program where people can become informed about the industry, the laws and the specific plant itself. This is essential to knowing what to do in a marijuana dispensary.

The Importance of Training

Training only takes as little as six months or less. And so, this should be part of your business plan. This should be an expense that you include in your business plan because it will be helpful in knowing how to run your dispensary business. You will learn about legal compliance, the industry, how to train your budtender and other staff members, how to treat your customers and how to use your previous job experience and skills to be successful.

The Entrepreneur

The cannabis industry is the kind of area where you can become an entrepreneur, but you have to know enough to be successful. Yes, you can conduct an intensive research on your own, but it will take a bit longer than if you were to get trained. This is especially true, if you known nothing at all about the industry. As a cannabis business owner, you are going to have to take risks and you will have more risks, if you don't know enough going into it. Risks are associated with any type of business, but the cannabis business is unique and proprietary.

Steps to Take

Let's take a look at some steps you should take, which includes:

  • Get Trained
  • Do Research
  • Start with a strong company brand

Of course, you already know that the Cannabis Training University offers a solid training program that you can immediately take advantage of. You will avoid the step of doing your own initial research. You still need to conduct research of the area where you will become a cannabis business owner. Learn more about the community, and seek a location that will keep you visible. Do market research too so you know where to spend your marketing dollars. Learn as much as possible about security because this is important to your cannabis business. You will have to hire security officers to protect your dispensary.

Final Thoughts

Expect to have road blocks along the way. Stay in compliance with the law as it will change periodically. If you do not follow the local marijuana laws, you could put your business in jeopardy. Treat your customers like they are family. Stay abreast of the cannabis industry because that will also keep changing, depending on the laws and other factors. Develop a company brand that you can be proud of. This will shape the future of your cannabis business and build your customer base and reputation.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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To learn how to succeed as a cannabis business owner, check out the Cannabis Training University.

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