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PurePressure is a company that sells rosin extraction products. The company was established in the latter part of 2015. The opening of this new company has been a benefit to the cannabis industry since they provide premiere quality products related to rosin extraction. PurePressure manufactures rosin bags, presses, equipment and accessories.

Their shop is in central Denver, Colorado. Even though the company was only recently opened, the staff combined have more than twenty years worth of manufacturing knowledge and more than fifteen years experience in oil extraction.

The Motivation for Opening PurePressure

Prior to the opening and incorporation of the PurePressure company, the primary founders experimented with making rosin. This was because of their frustration in press machines that were of low quality and the terrible customer service in the industry as well as bags that were blown out and inferior.

From their experience with other rosin extraction companies, they decided to take on the industry to provide high quality products and customer service to the consumers. They found a more improved way to create rosin using their manufactured Pikes Peak rosin press machine. This rosin press machine has now become the best on the market for rosin extraction.

Since the company has opened their doors to consumers, they have stayed abreast of their piece of the industry, providing high quality and available products that consumers can trust. They also use the best materials to manufacture their products.

The Belief

PurePressure has the belief that rosin is revolutionary as it relates to CBD extraction. And they make the process as simple as possible. It only takes the simple application of pressure and heat to marijuana material to produce oil that is pure and less solvent. In comparison to extraction that is solvent based, the manufacture of rosin is much safer and significantly easier and less costly.


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The Cannabis Market

The cannabis market has seen a lot of activity since so many people are getting involved in the industry and making cannabis oils to benefit a wide range of health conditions. So, it is safe to say that there has been a demand for cannabis oil. Different methods are used in oil and rosin extraction.

The Contribution

Rosin has made a major contribution to not only the cannabis industry, but to the sick patients that are seeking ways to cure or treat their medical conditions. The process of making pure rosin through extraction should be the choice for other small business owners in the industry. The PurePressure rosin extraction machine makes it safer, easier and more profitable.

The Concentrates

Butane hash oil and rosin are both considered cannabis concentrates. However, they are not extracted the same way. They are also both comparable in strength. This means that you will usually find that they range from sixty to eighty percent in potent CBD. However, it is easy to manipulate rosin so it can remain consistent to the desired outcome.

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Rosin Bags

With the PurePressure rosin extraction machine, consumers also get quality rosin bags for the filtering process. The bags are manufactured using monofilament mesh, which his 100% polyester. This is important since polyester allows for higher quality and more reliability during the pressing and extracting process.

The rosin bags are securely stitched for added durability. If you would like to find out more about PurePressure and their rosin extraction machine, go to the Cannabis Training University.

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