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How to React to Negative Cannabis Dispensary Reviews. Terrapin care station.
How to React to Negative Marijuana Dispensary Reviews

Now that you checked and saw that you received negative marijuana dispensary reviews for your cannabis business, what do you do next? You saw that disgruntled customers were writing reviews about your website, service and overall business and it does not look good. Your business reputation is at stake. While you might be upset about it, you should take action to fix the problem and be sure that you have trained marijuana dispensary employees to assist you.

In some cases the negative marijuana dispensary reviews may not be accurate, but that is not what other prospective customers are going to believe. So, it might be time to take some action to fix this problem. You may have to change how you do business. For example, you should provide an outlet for customers to directly communicate with you so that the problem can be solved before it hits the internet with a bad review. Usually, the bad reviews are written online. Below are strategies that provide solutions to reacting to negative marijuana dispensary reviews.

The Tone and Language

Before reacting to those negative reviews, think about how you will respond. Make sure you do not get emotional or you may use the wrong language. Never use profanity because you don't want your response to sound angry and callous. You have to make sure that the reviewer feels validated for making a complaint. Be sure to have an employee look over your response so as to ensure professionalism and caring. How you interact with your customers reflects the professionalism that you display in your cannabis business. If you respond poorly to a negative marijuana dispensary review, you not only lose a customer, but you also make it risky for you to keep your business from looking bad to prospective customers.

Don't Look for an Argument

If you get a response back from the negative reviewer, do not argue or give an opinion. This will only hurt you because a customer is looking to be sincerely heard. Try to apologize for any inconvenience after you determine the issue. Then let the customer know what you are going to do about it. If the issue is something out of your control, explain in a calm manner about reasons for what happened or educate the customer about your business practices. Invite the customer to consider giving the business a second chance. Offer a discount, product or something specific for free.

Positive Outcome

You can turn those negative marijuana dispensary reviews into positive ones. It all depends on the response. Once you have the customer in a calm mood, you can win back your customer by showing that you care about how the situation is handled and that you will go to lengths to fix the problem.

No Reaction

There are times when you do not have to react to negative marijuana dispensary reviews. This is especially true when you have tried to provide different solutions and the customer is not satisfied with any of them. In that case, you would walk away knowing that you have an unfavorable or negative review, but using the experience to make future customer's experience even better. For future customers that write a good review, give away something of value such as a loyalty card.

Use Feedbacks

Use existing and future feedbacks to improve your business practices. Yes, take advantage of negative marijuana dispensary reviews, using the information to fine tune your business. So, in other words, it can work out to be a positive thing for your business, if you take the criticism as something constructive rather than something bad.

The Concerns

Be sure to address the customer's specific concerns and do it in a timely manner. Depending on how you handle it, you could win back your customer. If you want to know more about marijuana dispensary reviews, go to the Cannabis Training University.

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