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Are you a first time cannabis smoker? Or are you an avid recreational cannabis enthusiast who loves to smoke weed to get the best feeling? As a first time marijuana smoker, I bet you, too, want to get the bet high ever, even once or twice, right? No matter who you are or what your experience is with marijuana, it is always best to get the best feeling. You don't want to be one of those people that have to wait around to feel that high. Absolutely not!  And you don't have to do that either. With as many states that have approved recreational marijuana and more to be added in the future, many Americans may find themselves looking for options to smoke weed for that good sensi feeling. Below are some tips of how you can smoke weed and enjoy the high that it provides.

Obtaining Weed

For some people, marijuana prohibition has never stopped them from purchasing and smoking weed. However, today, it is safer to buy it legally so you don't break the marijuana laws. Never buy weed on the Internet or from a guy in the streets. It is best to purchase weed from a local and licensed marijuana dispensary so you can be on the right side of the law. As the budtender in the dispensary which one of the marijuana strains are best for giving the best high.

Rolling the Joint

If you are new to marijuana and you don't know how to roll a joint, go to and search for videos with instructions on how to roll your joint. Fortunately for you, many marijuana dispensaries do sell joints that are already rolled. So don't be ashamed to buy a pre-rolled joint from the local dispensary.

Glass Pipes

If you are considering a glass pipe, don't buy one that is too expensive or too big, especially if you are new at this. Buy one that is easy and simple to operate and one that is portable and will last you for a while as you build your glass pipe collection. Most of the glass pipes have a little hole that you would cover as you light up to smoke weed. If you don't cover that hole, you will burn your thumb. You can also add a screen to your glass pipe for a better smoke.

The Right Timing

It is best to smoke weed when you are less stressed. For example if you had a very difficult time at work and you go home to your marijuana stash and decide to smoke, you may end up having a negative experience. Some people will smoke weed while stressed and have a better experience, but is not recommended if you are new to weed. Choose the right timing and the best opportunity to smoke weed so you can get the best out of it and you will feel better afterwards

Cannabis Consumption

Now that you have your marijuana strain that you bought from the local cannabis dispensary, it is time to consume it. You will need a grind to cut up your buds and put in a bowl. Use the grounded buds to make your joint. It is now time to smoke weed that you have prepared. Be sure that you are inhaling it properly. Hold in each hit until it goes from your lungs through your nostrils. This way, you will have a better high and best feeling

Smoking Session

You could go a step further and set up a smoking session with friends. This means that you will smoke weed in a group setting instead of by yourself. This is a fun way to feel entertained and bring on that happy feeling of being high. To learn more about how to smoke weed, visit the Cannabis Training University and become a Master of Marijuana.

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