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Who are the main game changers in the cannabis industry? We are talking about the men and women who have been instrumental advocates for marijuana legalization, education, and everything you need to know about the industry.

These individuals have put their time and effort into making waves in the community at large and in the entire world, studying the marijuana plant, realizing its benefits and bringing it to the general public. In North America, for one, marijuana and the practice of growing it spread in the 70s. During that era, marijuana smokers became used to spending a lot of time pulling out seeds from their stash and studying which ones were of the highest potency and highest quality.

They are the ones that helped shape the industry and providing information on what to expect in a specific marijuana strain along with other vital information. Let us look at some of those game changers in the cannabis industry that made a mark that you should appreciate today.

Game Changers in Marijuana Industry. Game changer sign.

George Van Patten                             

Named George Van Patten at birth, and affectionately known as Jorge Cervantes (his pen name) has become a household name to many in the cannabis industry.

Jorge has written and self published many books about marijuana cultivation. Each book has solid details that you can rely on and many marijuana growers have used it to start their own cultivation business. It is clear from his writing that he loves weed and loves to educate those who grow weed. In fact, Jorge Cervantes has had experience as an underground marijuana grower in Southern California and Mexico.

At first, Jorge started out making notes that he would copy and send out to his friends, but after getting tired of that, he decided to put the notes in book form and to his surprise, it became a bestseller. There are several training schools today in the cannabis industry that use Jorge's book as an instructional guide to marijuana cultivation. J

orge continues his focus on cultivation, especially writing about doing so in basements, backyards and small plots. He goes to marijuana events such as festivals and conferences. It is not uncommon to see people lining up just to thank him for being a game changer in the cannabis industry.

Ed Rosenthal

Another game changer in the cannabis industry is Ed Rosenthal who is a well-respected educator at the Cannabis Training University. Rosenthal has been featured in the High Times magazine on several occasions. In fact, he has a column in the magazine as an expert and answers questions that people might have about marijuana.

Rosenthal has also written many books about the cannabis industry. In fact, he has established a publishing company called “Quick Trading Publishing.” Rosenthal has been an extreme activist and advocate for medical marijuana and legalization.

Professor Afghani

If it weren't for the prohibition of marijuana, the hydroponics concept would not have been possible, if it weren't for Professor Afghani. Many marijuana growers had to make adjustments to growing weed without sunshine or rain and many of them did not know how to do so until Professor Afghani introduced indoor marijuana growth. In the early stages, hydroponic systems were not as sophisticated until the 1970s. Professor Afghani was a scientist who initially did not reveal his real identity since weed was still illegal back then.

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Since, then, indoor growing has become a huge phenomenon, all because of game changers in the cannabis industry like Professor Afghani. Now, there are so many legal marijuana growers who rely on the hydroponic system.

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