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Things to Consider When Buying Marijuana Vaporizers. Vaporizers and accessories.
Things to Consider When Buying Vaporizers

As the marijuana industry continues to grow, you find that there are more ways that you can consume weed. Many of these cannabis products have become quite popular, especially vape pens and vaporizers. It is easy buying vaporizers for smoking weed because there are so many options. There are essential things to think about when purchasing vaporizers. Let's take a look at them.

Cannabis Concentrate versus Marijuana Flower

When you purchase your vaporizer or vape pen, you want to think about whether you should fill it with cannabis concentrate or the marijuana flower itself. If you like to smoke weed and you plan on sharing the experience by switching from the vaporizer to the rolled joint, then you may want to consider buying vaporizers that take loose leaf. In that case, you don't have to buy both concentrate and flower. If you are going to only use a vaporizer because of health reasons, then you could consider committing to cannabis concentrates.

The Economics

Economically, both of these are difference. The cartridges for the cannabis concentrate cost roughly $40 each and they provide up to 200 pulls during a smoke session. In contrary, the marijuana flower used in the vaporizer operates from the normal bowl system where the chamber is average size and so the cost is going to depend on how much flower you need to fill the bowl, the provider and the quality of the cannabis strain. In terms of the choice of cannabis strain, flowers are better as they offer more in variety in comparison to cannabis concentrates. The vaporizer that uses the loose leaf will still give you the same smoking experience as the concentrate. However, due to fast market growth in the cannabis industry, the future looks bright for people who prefer marijuana concentrates.

The Efficiency

When you think about buying vaporizers, you have to think about the convection and conduction, which means that the transfer of heat has to be efficient while smoking for medical purposes or recreational use. The convection process moves the gas or liquid and gives off the steam. The conduction has to do with metal against metal, which means that it has to be sold. One conduction vaporizer on the market is Pax by Ploom, which has a metal chamber. This chamber appropriately heats flower that is grounded.

On the other hand, an example of the convection vaporizer is the Firefly. It heats up the flower using hot air. The convection option tends to be more reliable and efficient. Choosing and buying vaporizers that uses the conduction process means that your flower might smoke unevenly because of one part of the metal chamber receives more heat than the other. For that reason, it is not good to pack the chamber with too much flower. If you are going to use concentrates, you don't have to think about activating the cannabinoids. It is still better to go with the vaporizer that uses loose leaf.


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The Convenience

How do you want to use the vaporizer? Do you want something that is easy and quick to use with up to two puffs? Well, cannabis concentrates would make more sense since you don't have to waste time with heating. And moreover these vape pens tend to be smaller and more inconspicuous. If you are buying vaporizers for a group session or using at home, then choose one that uses loose leaf flower. This will require time to heat and so this makes more sense to be done at home.

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The Experience

The experience is also an important consideration when buying vaporizers. Not all products give the same experience. If you are smoking to feel good, and want to smell and taste the marijuana strain, you may have to go through a trial and error period to find the one that suits your taste. In general, though, loose leaf vaporizers give you a stronger smell and taste in comparison to cannabis concentrates. Learn more about buying vaporizers by visiting the Cannabis Training University.

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