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Tokyo Smoke is a legal award-winning, cannabis retailer. It is founded on the belief that “intentional cannabis usage can better people’s lives.” To this end the cannabis company focuses their efforts on improving accessibility to top of the range cannabis products.

Tokyo Smoke was started in 2015 by Alan and Lorne Gertner. The first store was opened in Toronto and it quickly took off. In 2017, Tokyo Smoke expanded to Calgary and by 2018 the company had spread its wings to most 18 locations.

Tokyo Smoke stores are established upon a culture of community, warmth, and learning. They claim to be committed to offering cannabis products of the highest possible standards. Going by the brand that they stock they seem to be delivering on this commitment.

 Tokyo Smoke Products

Tokyo Smoke sells products that are categorized by their intent: Go, Rise, Equalizer, Ease, and Pause.

They offer products in other categories as well.

     1. Vapes

Tokyo Smoke offers different kind of vape products. The vapes heat the cannabis extract and convert it into an inhalable vapor that is easy to inhale. Some of the top vapes offered by Tokyo Smoke include Canaca, Trailblazer, Top Leaf Jagger, Kolab Indica, and Dosist Bliss.

     2. Edibles

Tokyo Smoke chocolate edibles are among the best that there is in the market. This includes Foray vanilla chai, Tokyo Smoke Go and Pause, Foray Dark, and Aurora Grape.

   3. Topicals

Tokyo Smoke Topicals are intended for external use only. The effect is appreciated locally where the topical has been applied. The LivRelief CBD transdermal cream uses a proprietary transdermal technology to penetrate the skin. Each tub contains CBD and terpenes for full entourage benefits.

   4. Beverages

Tokyo Smoke offers several pot infused beverages that offer an exciting way to consume cannabis. Some of the top Tokyo Smoke beverages includes the Deep Space Carbonated, Tweed Backstreet, and ginger.

    5. Extracts

Cannabis extracts contain high amounts of cannabinoid and therefore they are not intended for beginners. Some of the top extracts offered by Tokyo Smoke include Canna Farms Kief and Canna Farm Bubble Hash.

    6. Flowers

Cannabis buds can be consumed in different ways. The buds are ground using a grinder and they can be inhaled or taken sublingually. They can also be infused to other foods.

     7. Pre-rolls

The pre-rolls offered at Tokyo Smoke are basic and to-the-point. However they appear to be serving their purpose. Some of the top brand here includes: Houseplant, Mezzerro, Ace Valley, and Captains chance.

     8. Oils

Tokyo Smoke offers oils that have varying amounts of THC or CBD. The oils are useful in relieving various conditions. Some oils are indica, sativa while others are hybrids.

    9. Capsules

Capsules are common products offered at cannabis dispensaries. The capsules offered by Tokyo Smoke are gel capsules that deliver high amounts of THC or CBD.

    10. Sprays

Sprays are not available in many cannabis dispensaries. Tokyo Smoke sprays are intended to be sprayed beneath my tongue and they produce near instant effects.

Tokyo Smoke also offers branded garments such as hoodies and teachers.

Tokyo Smoke also offers the following top-of-the-range cannabis tools:

  1. Lighters
  2. Cleaning
  3. Storage
  4. Trays
  5. Grinders

Tokyo Smoke Reviews

Tokyo Smoke has a rating of 3.7/5 on Lift & Co.

On review on this site reads, “We believe a smoke session should be approached with the same thoughtful consideration as preparing a perfect cup of coffee. It’s for active days and chill nights. It’s a culture that believes in the experience: a well-curated smoke session, one of intention or imagination, is always worth the trip.

On Yelp, Tokyo Smoke has a rating of 4/5 from 14 reviews. Most of the customers had something positive to say about this dispensary.

Tokyo Smoke Locations

Tokyo Smoke has 18 locations:

6 Locations in Toronto: 2 in Brandon and 4 in Winnipeg

12 Locations in Ontario: Cambridge 1, Hamilton 1, North Bay 1, Oshawa 1, Ottawa 1, Stone Creek 1, Thunder Bay 1, and Toronto 5.

Tokyo Smoke Franchising

Tokyo Smoke offers franchising opportunities to willing investors. More information about this opportunity can be accessed through inquiring from [email protected].

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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Tokyo Smoke Deals

Tokyo Smoke offers free-shipping through Canada. Aside from this they also offer discounts ranging from 20% to 30%.

If you scavenge the web you are likely to come cross a number of Tokyo Smoke promo codes. Before using any one of them be sure that they are legit.

Does Tokyo Smoke Sell Edibles?

Yes, Tokyo Smoke sells chocolate edibles which are always scrumptious and full of cannabis goodness.

It appears that Tokyo Smoke is a reputable brand with numerous positive reviews which are posted online.

Tokyo Smoke was started way back in 2015 by father and son Lorne, and Allan Gertner. This company is part of Canopy Growth and it is specialized in the legal cannabis recreational market. That brings us to the end of our article on Tokyo Smoke products, reviews, and deals.

Fred Hernandez - Cannabis industry expert writer
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