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In the state of Colorado, there are top marijuana dispensaries that are worth visiting because of the acceptance of marijuana legalization by the residents. Colorado is one of the states that have led the charge of introducing marijuana to the public. Colorado was one of the states that were decriminalized in the early 1970s.

It was not until the year 2000, though, that medical cannabis was legalized. It was in the year 2012 that recreational marijuana use was legalized and accepted, but only to people who are 21 years or older.

MMJ America

This is one of the best dispensaries in the state of Colorado. MMJ America has a wide range of locations and offer convenience for so many residents across various cities. In the marijuana industry, MMJ America is considered at the top of the list of best cannabis dispensaries, both medical, and recreational.

The company carries an assortment of cannabis products that can help so many people with their ailments.  MMJ America is one of the best run Colorado dispensaries and the staff is highly educated and experienced.

MMJ America is not only in Denver, but also runs a Colorado recreational store in Boulder, and recently opened a store in Las Vegas as well! We highly recommend checking out MMJ America for your cannabis medicines.

The City of Denver

Denver is the leading city in the state of Colorado that is capitalizing on the marijuana industry. By 2014, for every 3,780 people living in the city of Denver, there was one cannabis dispensary available.

In addition, 2.1% of every resident had a medical cannabis card. Denver allows people to use recreational cannabis and it caters to cannabis tourism.

In fact, that is how it makes a lot of its cannabis product sales. Moreover, tourists go to the city of Denver as they would go to California on wine tours. Below are top marijuana dispensaries in Colorado to take notice of.

Infinite Wellness Center

This is one of the marijuana dispensaries that are thought to be a pillar of the community since its introduction. It offers the best cannabis products with affordable prices and their customer service is above average. This dispensary is located in the city of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Lightshade Holly

Lightshade is a cannabis dispensary located in the city of Denver, Colorado. There are three other marijuana dispensaries in the city of Denver, but Lightshade is considered high end. If you want medical cannabis and recreational cannabis, this is an excellent place to go.

The company also has their own marijuana cultivation center that has a viewing window so visitors can watch how cannabis is cultivated and crafted. The service and quality of the cannabis products are excellent and on top of that, the dispensary offers great deals.

Medicine Man Denver

Medicine Man is one of those marijuana dispensaries that give customers an amazing cannabis experience. Located in the city of Denver, this dispensary is staffed with friendly and knowledgeable employees.

The dispensary carries a wide range of cannabis strains. There is a selection of edibles and concentrates too.

Ballpark Holistic Dispensary

Of all the marijuana dispensaries, Ballpark Holistic Dispensary provides a holistic experience, serving consumers with both recreational and medical marijuana products. They offer an expansive array of cannabis products. You can pre-order your cannabis strains on their website.

L'Eagle Services

Also, located in the city of Denver, Colorado, L’Eagle is one of the marijuana dispensaries that do its own cannabis cultivation with the use of professional and trained horticulturalists, specializing in sustainable and organic growing.

No pesticides are used on any of its marijuana plants. The company cures its cannabis using a slow drying process for a minimum of sixty days. This helps each of the cannabis strain to get to its full potential.

LivWell on Broadway

LivWell on Broadway is one of the marijuana dispensaries that have nine locations within the state of Colorado. No matter what, you will find one when you are looking. The Broadway dispensary has sixteen budtender stations and so you don’t have to wait long in line.

Native Roots Denver

Located in the city of Denver, Colorado, Native Roots Denver carries top quality cannabis products and you can expect an exceptional marijuana experience with their high-end products.


Botanico is one of the marijuana dispensaries also located in the city of Denver, Colorado, offering recreational and medical cannabis products. Many people know Botanico for its superior quality products and the consistency of the products are to be noted also. The ratio between quality and price is exceptional. They also have an expansive array of cannabis products to choose from.

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