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A Tulsa woman opens marijuana-based bakery after medical marijuana saves her life, Tiffanie Dartez has multiple sclerosis and says she struggles awfully with chronic pain, nausea, and muscle spasms.

Dartez told FOX23 she was addicted to opioids for years until 10 years ago when she tried medicinal cannabis.

“The ringing in my ears stopped, and I was able to sit with my kids and color instead of being somewhere in pain,” Dartez says.

“It’s life-changing when you realize a plant can make you a better person.”

Marijuana Bakery

The name of her marijuana-based bakery is Dartez White Rabbit Medicinals and it is located near East 25th Place and Sheridan in Tulsa Oklahoma.

At their marijuana-based bakery they make cannabis butters, cannabis oils with THC in them, the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana.

They also have begun a YouTube channel to help educate people on the right way to dose with using cannabis in baking products and edibles, and some information on local regulations as it pertains to cannabis use in Oklahoma.

To purchase these products from her store it is required that the customer has a valid Oklahoma medical marijuana card.

Dartez says her main focus is the cannabis butters which they plan to emphasize more when they move to a new space in 2020.

Cooking with Cannabis Careers

Cooking with cannabis has become a very popular subject, not only in Oklahoma, but across the US and Canada as cannabis laws and regulations continue to evolve.

Students at the leading online marijuana school learn how to cook with marijuana along with all other facets of the cannabis industry.

Marvin Hamberg, a Cannabis Training University student said “I learned so much at CTU. I especially enjoyed all the information on how to cook with marijuana and I have started my own legal edibles business in Michigan.”

Jessica Mills, a Cannabis Training University graduate was quoted “I used my experience and knowledge from my online cannabis training program at CTU and have since started my own marijuana-infused business in Burlington, Vermont.”

Jeffrey Zorn, CEO of Cannabis Training University was quoted “It is great to see cannabis businesses thriving, not only in states like Colorado and California. Oklahoma is a great example of how legalizing cannabis can generate many jobs and taxes for the state to use on other important issues like improving roads, feeding the poor, or getting residents better retirement plans amongst many other areas.”

Oklahoma Cannabis Laws

Oklahoma residents are currently by state law able to:

  • Possess 3 ounces of marijuana
  • Grow 6 mature marijuana plants (defined as plants that are in the budding stage)
  • Possess 6 seedling plants (defined as plants that are in the vegetative stage and are not yet budding)
  • Possess 1 ounce of concentrated marijuana
  • Possess 72 ounces of edible marijuana
  • Possess 8 ounces of marijuana in their residence

Smokable forms of medical marijuana can be consumed by medical marijuana license holders in any place that allows the smoking of tobacco products in Oklahoma, while edible forms of medical cannabis can be consumed anywhere in the state.

All forms of medical marijuana are still deemed to be illegal under federal law in the state of Oklahoma however.

Oklahoma medical marijuana license holders are not exempt from federal prosecution for cannabis possession when they are present on federal lands such as military posts and lands administered by the National Park Service or the Department of Agriculture.

Starting Your Cannabis Career

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Now that a Tulsa woman has opened a marijuana-based bakery after medical marijuana saved her life, it's time for you to get started on your own cannabis career!

Oklahoma Cannabis Jobs

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