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A breaking story! Twitter is allowing cannabis ads! Actually, they aren't really. It was all a hoax!

In a huge development for the cannabis sector, Twitter has declared that starting in 2023, cannabis advertisements will be permitted on its platform. This choice was made at a time when the marijuana business is expanding and numerous states in the US have legalized marijuana use for either medical or recreational purposes.

Prior to recently, cannabis businesses frequently faced constraints from several platforms and regulatory authorities that hindered their capacity to promote. Twitter's move to permit these ads might revolutionize the market by giving businesses a huge new channel for connecting with prospective clients.

That is what is seemed for a moment, but in the end it is still not allowed!

Restrictions with the Cannabis Ads (100% restricted)

It's crucial to remember that Twitter's new policy will have some restrictions. The platform will only permit advertisements from legal cannabis businesses, according to the company's amended advertising policy. Additionally, advertisements cannot target people under the age of 21 or advocate cannabis usage in a way that promotes risky or reckless behavior.

Given that social media platforms are increasingly regarded as important marketing tools for companies, Twitter's move to permit cannabis advertisements may have significant ramifications for the sector.

Although the cannabis industry has had a difficult time promoting and marketing its goods, this move by Twitter may herald a new era in which the sector is better able to connect with potential clients and expand its clientele.

Overall, Twitter's decision to let cannabis advertisements is a huge move for the sector and one that might have substantial effects on its development and success in the years to come. It's conceivable that additional platforms and regulatory authorities will follow Twitter's example and open up new chances for firms in this sector as more states continue to legalize the use of cannabis.

Twitter is allowing cannabis advertisements to run on its platform in Canadian and U.S. jurisdictions where cannabis is legal.

After updating its advertising guidelines on Wednesday, Twitter became the first social media platform in the US to permit cannabis advertising.

In a policy change made last month, Google now permits ads in California, Colorado, and Puerto Rico for topical CBD products derived from hemp with a THC concentration of less than 0.3% and medications using CBD that have received FDA approval. In the United States, Reddit and Meta both permit adverts for “topical and non-ingestible hemp-derived CBD products.”


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The Twitter blog article announcing the new rules states that “the cannabis area on Twitter is exciting and engaging with individuals Tweeting about their experiences using cannabis – whether medicinally, for wellness, or for recreation – as well as suggesting brands, products, and retail locations.”

The discussion also represents the direction that the cannabis sector is currently taking in terms of governmental and policy reform, company growth, and community impact.

According to Twitter, the policy's relaxation will increase prospects for “ethical cannabis promotion.”

But after trying to run cannabis ads on Twitter, it turns out it was all a lie!

Advertising Conditions

Advertisers must be pre-approved by Twitter and licensed by the appropriate authorities in both the United States and Canada. Customers under the age of 21 may not be their target market.

According to Twitter, advertisers can only choose the countries in which they have a valid online advertising license. Additionally, according to federal restrictions, commercials cannot actually advertise or advocate the sale of cannabis or CBD in the United States unless they are for topically applied, non-ingestible CBD products derived from hemp that contain less than 0.3% THC.

The updated policy also includes a number of other restrictions, such as the ban on using characters, athletes, celebrities, or images/icons that might appeal to children in advertisements, the ban on using children or pregnant women in advertisements, the ban on making false or deceptive health claims, and the ban on showing people smoking fatties.

Twitter Does Not Allow Cannabis Ads It Turns Out!

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If they do not allow ads for cannabis courses on Twitter for “promoting illegal drugs” as they put it, what cannabis company stands a chance to get an ad approved?

What a joke it turns out in the end! Another misleading hoax. What a disappointment!

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