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Are you a recreational marijuana user or even a medical cannabis patient who consumes weed in a variety of ways? Well, if you are one or the other, you will need a marijuana grinder to prepare your cannabis buds.

Every weed smoker should invest in one of these if you want to make it easier for yourself in preparing your weed for consumption.

The Preparation Process

If you do want the most out of your marijuana strain, you have to find some way to cut up the weed and make a joint or for use in your glass bong.

A grinder is easier and faster than any other methods you could choose to use. Let's dive into the benefits and the use of your marijuana grinder.

The Simple Explanation of a Cannabis Grinder

Marijuana grinders are not well advertised as other cannabis products but they are one of the most essential tools there is.

What is the grinder? Well, the name speaks for itself. It is tool that helps users cut up their weed in smaller pieces. The tool is made as a small container that has ‘teeth-like” or things that look like spikes on the inside. It comes with a top that you take off and put your weed inside. You put the top back on, turn and lock and then turn it back and forth to grind the weed. That is how the weed is cut up in small pieces.

This is one of the easier ways to prepare pot for making a joint or blunt.

Let's take a at the elements of the marijuana grinder.

The Parts of a Marijuana Grinder

There are three main elements of the marijuana grinder. These are namely a chamber, pegs or teeth for the grinding and the lid to contain the weed during grinding. Most grinders vary in sizes, but they all have similar shapes.

There are different types of grinders. There is one with a single chamber, which comes with two pieces (the lid and the bottom piece). There is one that comes with three pieces (two chambers) and there is one with four pieces (three chambers).

The two piece marijuana grinder has one chamber and is shaped like a small bowl. The two pieces are the lid and the bowl. The three pieces has two chambers, the lid, pegs and grinding chamber. The bottom has holes in it to catch the bud after it is grounded.

The four pieces has a collection chamber with screen, a bottom chamber along with the lid and the kief chamber. This is used to grind large quantities of weed. So that ends up being four pieces along with three chambers.

Final Thoughts on Use and Benefits of a Marijuana Grinder

The marijuana grinder has benefits that most recreational users have come to appreciate. You can collect the kief as you grind the bud. When you are able to grind your weed, you will be able to maintain its potency. The weed does not have to come in contact with your hand. Grinding weed also maintains the aroma and taste of the marijuana strain. It also saves you time and effort. Lastly, the smoke is less harsh when you use a marijuana grinder.

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