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Weed dispensaries in Massachusetts are popping all over up with the legalization of marijuana. Personally, I am an avid believer of medical marijuana, and I also, live in Boston, where I can easily find a recreational dispensary near me.

Now, you may be asking me, “Is weed legal in Boston?”

Fortunately, the answer to that is yes. Marijuana is legal in the whole state of Massachusetts. However, you can’t just simply buy recreational weed just anywhere. There are only certain spots in the city that dispense cannabis or other cannabis-related products.

In this article, I’m going to list the 12 best weed dispensaries near me. If you happen to live in Boston or anywhere in Massachusetts, you’ll be able to access these places pretty easily.

Top Weed Dispensaries in Massachusetts

Here is our list of the top dispensaries in the Massachusetts area:

1. NETA Brookline

First up on the list is NETA Brookline dispensary. This is arguably one of the best dispensaries that you’ll find in Boston– one of the most beautiful too. It’s actually located inside a converted bank and is surrounded by classic dark wood walls and decorations.

When you take a look at the NETA Brookline menu, you’ll find a long list of great products to choose from. There are a number of favorites there that many people buy. However, many favorites finish fast because of the high demand and not so high supply of products. That’s why those who have a valid medical card have to reserve their products in advance.

2. NETA Northampton

While the NETA Brookline seems to be the more popular one, the very first cannabis dispensary to open is the NETA Northampton branch. Unlike the Brookline branch, the design here is more spa-like, so you’ll really find it relaxing.

The menu is essentially the same as the Brookline branch. There are also a ton of favorites to be found here. Just like in Brookline, you need to reserve your orders in advance to purchase them.

3. Sanctuary Weed Dispensary

weed dispensaries 1

Third on the list is Sanctuary Dispensary, which is just twenty minutes from Woburn. This recreational dispensary is known for its wide range of products from pre-rolls, vape cartridges, flowers, and edibles. In fact, their edibles come in so many different flavors like butterscotch, watermelon, or peanut butter.

And unlike NETA, in-store shopping is available. You don’t need to order your items in advance. You can walk into the store and buy whatever your little heart desires.


INSA can be found somewhere in Easthampton and also comes with a pretty impressive lineup of products. They even include some great bath salts, which you won’t be able to find in most dispensaries.

However, the only problem with INSA is that they only accept express pick up orders. So be sure to reserve before you go!

5. Northeast Alternatives

Northeast Alternatives was founded by Chris Harkins. He actually founded the company because his mom and dad suffered from cancer. He eventually looked for alternative medicines and found cannabis. Today, the store he founded dispenses medical marijuana products and is open for in-store purchases.

6. Cultivate

Alongside NETA Northampton, Cultivate dispensary is also one of the pioneering dispensaries in Massachusetts. It is found in the eastern part of the state and focuses more on selling medical marijuana products.

To get your products, though, you need to reserve your orders online. Then you just go to this Boston dispensary to pick up your order.

7. Berkshire Roots

mass dispensary

Berkshire Roots is a dispensary located in Pittsfield– one of the areas in Massachusetts where weed is extremely popular. If you’re looking for the largest dispensary, Berkshire Roots definitely is a candidate with a wide selection of flowers and edibles.

Of course, pre-ordering is the rule here, just like most of the dispensaries on the list.


8. Patriot Care

This one focuses on being a medical dispensary rather than an ordinary marijuana shop. This store is known for its two dozen varieties of flowers and their hazelnut spread. One of the best things about this place is that you can make in-store purchases.

9. Theory Wellness

Theory Wellness is a small cultivator right in Bridgewater. They are known for high-quality flowers, edibles, and medicinal oils that can help with various illnesses. The only thing about this store is you need to pre-order on the same day that you pick it up, which can be a hassle. But if you want high-quality products, it’s a small sacrifice.

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10. Green Lady Weed Dispensary

green lady dispensary 1

Green Lady is a pretty new dispensary store that only opened sometime in early August. However, it is the first store in Nantucket. It’s still growing as a brand, but it has a pretty robust manufacturing and testing facility inside the store itself. So you can expect high-quality products from here. Definitely worth checking out if you are in the area.



11. Caroline’s Cannabis

We’d say that Caroline’s Cannabis is a homegrown type of store that makes “homemade” products. It is not owned by any medical marijuana dispensary, but you can find a lot of homegrown and cultivated products that are of high quality. There is also a pretty impressive lineup of cannabis decorations and garden products.

12. Good Chemistry

Last on the list is Good Chemistry, a simple pot shop with a pretty good lineup of products on its menu. When it first opened, you had to reserve an appointment first and then pick up your products after the reservation. But now, the store allows in-store purchases without any advanced reservations.

Final Thoughts on Weed Dispensaries

If I happen to be looking for a recreational dispensary near me, all I need to do is choose any of the 12. All of them can be accessed easily via car if you live in Massachusetts. Choose which one is nearest to you and has your preferred menu, then drive on over! You can also check out their websites for details on how to pre-order online.

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