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Weed weddings are taking the nation by storm and that is a good indication due to the increase in legal marijuana. Most marijuana ceremonies take place because the bride and groom are recreational users and want to make their wedding theme related to their lifestyle. Makes sense? Well, it is similar to people who may use other themes. The fact that people are being so creative means that marijuana maturation is now being embraced by brides and grooms. Most brides know what they want and so, it is not a surprise to hear that brides are seeking to have weed weddings.

The Guests

Can you imagine getting high during a wedding celebration, whether you are a guest, the bride or groom? What could be cooler than that? The truth is that guests have long slipped off somewhere during the ceremony to smoke a joint. So why not make it official so that the entire party can enjoy the same thing too without having to hide? When you accept the fact that cannabis can be enjoyed in a legal, safe and celebratory environment, it only adds more happiness to this special day.

Several Ideas

At some weed weddings, you will find the bride dressed in a hemp silk dress, portraying her love for marijuana or supporting her groom who may be a cannabis enthusiast. Or you may go even harder by having hemp-infused or cannabis-infused favors or goodie bags. Make sure you indicate the contents on the outside of the container or bag. Guests will get to choose whether they want to partake or not. Or you could put on a special cannabis event for your bridal party only. You could have a bachelor and bachelorette party with a weed smoking theme as long as it is legal.

The Marijuana Bud Bar

For entertainment before your wedding, you could implement a marijuana bud bar. Be sure to find out what the venue rules are. See if you can secure a private lounge for weed smoking and have beers and cocktail on hand including finger foods. Create a chalkboard menu, listing the different cannabis strains on hand. Make sure that everyone is over 21 years of age, though – no children allowed. Make sure you have marijuana joints pre-rolled before the event. You should also include vaporizers, bongs, edibles and marijuana beverages. This provides many different options for your guests.

Toasting the Bride and Groom

If you want to go hard, then incorporate smoke-able toasts at the actual wedding ceremony and have your guests take tokes rather than raising their glasses to toast the bride or groom. This will only work, if your ceremony does not include children and only has guests 21 years or older.

The Church

If you live in the state of Colorado, the ceremony for weed weddings are held at Denver's International Church of Cannabis. Yes, this is the new phenomenon and Colorado is one of the states that has already legalized marijuana. If you live outside of the state, you could still arrange for a destination wedding in Colorado. This church is located in West Washington park and is cannabis friendly, offering weed weddings to those who are getting married using a marijuana theme. The church is operated by Elevation Ministries and is open to those with an imaginative mind. The church uses marijuana as a sacrament, even though, they are religious. They offer wedding packages starting at $4,200. Another church that caters to weed wedding is the Cannabis Chapel in Las Vegas, NV. Yes, it happens in sin city too!

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This is a great alternative to the norm and your guests don't have to feel anxious to have the ceremony completed so they can go smoke a joint. Everything can just happen right there. If you want to learn more about weed weddings, go to the Cannabis Training University.

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