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Many cannabis connoisseurs and recreational users prefer hash or hashish than any other form of cannabis. To find the best hashish in Amsterdam, you have to know where the different coffee shops are located and what they offer to hash lovers. So many people fly to Amsterdam, just for this reason and you can too.

Many tourists will be seen flocking to the various coffee shops. For many years, Amsterdam has been providing tourists and locals with the best hash and best cannabis that they had ever enjoyed. There is a vast difference between cannabis strains and cannabis concentrates. If you do not already know, the best hash is laden with concentrated resin, which is mechanically separated from the cannabis plant by methods like hand rubbing.

Ice Water Extraction

There is a wide range of the best hashish that you find around the world. For instance, in the Netherlands, cannabis growers use advanced techniques to make hash. It is known as ‘ice water' extraction. This is usually the method used for a wide range of the best hash that contains ‘ice' in its name. The method leaves the cannabis plant matter in ice water so that the resin trichomes can be hardened. When this is done, it is easier to separate the plant material and turn it into concentrated hash.

The Bubble Test Method

If you want to ensure that your best hashish has the highest quality, then you would use the bubble test to do so. In so doing, the end result will have a high level of THC, which gives the user a powerful and strong high than usual. The trick is how you can determine when the hash is good and when it is bad. The Bubble Test method does just that.

When the hashish is procured, you would use this test at that time. Use a lighter to apply flame to small pieces. If you notice that the hash pieces are bubbling; you would then have hashish on your hands. During the bubble test, the best hashish will be caught afire instantly and it will burn without soot. When the hashish has soot after doing the test, it might contain specific contaminants, which is not ideal. Below are some places to find quality hashish like this.

Royal Nepal Hashish

The Katsu Coffee Shop caters to locals and tourists, but it has a local flavor. In this coffee shop, you will find many of the most knowledgeable and informed budtenders. The coffee shop has a good vibe. This coffee shop also has some of the best hashish in the area.

Tcannabise Kamer

The Tcannabise Kamer is another coffee shop that sells some of the best hashish. It is one of the high end coffee shops in the area and has a comfortable vibe. The coffee shop sells a lot of high quality sativa hash that provides users with an energetic high that is long lasting.

The Stud Coffee Shop

The Stud Coffee Shop carries some of the best hash in Amsterdam. You will always find that their inventory is packed with hash that has both THC and CBD qualities. The percentage of THC is quite high and so it is ideal to exercise a bit of caution for consumption.

Boerejongens Coffee Shop

If you are looking for a sophisticated chain of coffee shops with the best hash in Amsterdam, the Boerejongens Coffee Shop is one of the most popular. This is a coffee shop that you must visit if you love hash. The company is owned by Amsterdam Genetics.

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