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Choosing the right cannabis college could be the difference between a good and bad learning experience. Cannabis schools vary in scope, quality, and price. If you’re interested in finding the best online cannabis college, follow these seven steps to help you make the right choice.

Understanding Cannabis College

As the demand for cannabis has gone up, so has the need for cannabis job talent and for-profit cannabis-focused colleges. Some four-year universities are even offering cannabis-centric science and business courses.

For-profit cannabis colleges, however, have a hard time becoming accredited or receiving a non-profit status due to cannabis’ federal status as a Schedule I substance. A lack of accreditation prevents students from using grants or federal student loans to pay for classes.

Additionally, cannabis college courses are not transferable to a traditional community college or four-year institution. Cannabis colleges provide an incredible opportunity for those who don’t want to or can’t attend an Ivy League school to take classes about cannabis.

Cannabis colleges provide the most up-to-date information on the industry and its trends for a relatively small fee compared to a four-year institution and a more highly-focused program where students can learn from industry pioneers with decades of experience.

Classroom vs. Online Cannabis Education

Online and in-class cannabis learning has its unique advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right cannabis college experience depends on a number of factors including your geographic location, your learning style, your work hours, and family obligations.

Cannabis Classrooms

Classroom Pros

Cannabis education in a classroom setting allows you to have immediate feedback from students or educators. Students are more easily able to form friendships with their fellow classmates and have exciting discussions in class.

Classroom Cons

Classroom learning tends to cost significantly more, requires extensive travel to a classroom, and doesn’t have flexibility in the class schedule. Additionally, classroom education can vary by class. For instance, some students can slow down the pace of learning, while others may be ahead of the class.

Online Cannabis College

Online College Pros

Online cannabis college has a wealth of advantages including being able to take the class from anywhere with a wi-fi connection. No need to fret about a long commute and struggling to find parking. Students can learn in their pajamas from the comfort of their homes.

Online cannabis colleges also allow students with a hectic schedule to start their learning when it best suits them. Students can learn at the crack of dawn or late at night after a long shift at work. Creating your own schedule allows you to learn at your own pace.

One of the biggest advantages of online cannabis college classes is their inexpensive price compared to traditional classes and seminars. Minimal overhead costs for facilities allow colleges to provide the most in-depth information at an affordable price.

Online College Cons

Online cannabis college lacks the communal experience from a traditional classroom meaning your study buddy isn’t physically there to help you go over notes. Quality online colleges, however, provide around-the-clock support for students. Students can connect with alumni or other students on social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

1. Create A List Of Cannabis Colleges

Create a short and narrowed down a list of the cannabis training programs you are considering. Consider different factors when creating your list such as location, class size, topics covered, cost, and other important factors.

2. Prioritize Your Needs

Make a list of pros and cons for every college on your list. Consider what you want out of your cannabis college experience and what you need to make that happen. How long do you want to dedicate to the program? Are you concerned about the budget? Do you value convenience?

3. Act Fast

Choosing the right cannabis college requires careful consideration, but not at the expense of procrastination. In the fastest-growing industry, being able to adapt and think fast is highly rewarded, especially if you want to find a job in the industry.

4. Create Goals

Consider what you want to get out of your cannabis college experience. Are you looking to find a cannabis career or do you just want to learn more about the plant to be able to use it safely and effectively?

5. Read Reviews

What do the industry and alumni have to say about a cannabis college? Research cannabis college reviews for social proof on how they used their education to improve their cannabis growing or cannabis job hunt.

6. Research Program

Research the areas of study the cannabis college focuses on and make sure it covers what you want to learn. Also, consider the program’s faculty credentials. Who teaches these courses and what information do they cover?

7. Sign Up And Start Learning

Once you’ve made a choice on the right cannabis college for you, sign up and take advantage of every course and reading material offered by your cannabis school. Complete all the supplemental quizzes and tests to earn your certification and boost your cannabis resume.

Value & Quality: Cannabis Training University

Cannabis Training University provides students with the best online cannabis college experience at an affordable value. CTU provides serious students with the most cannabis content for the best value. Period.

Get twelve-weeks access to quality instructional videos and thousand of pages of e-book marijuana content. Whether you’re a visual or reading learner, CTU gives you the tools necessary to understand cannabis fundamentals.

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Learn from experts in the business such as Ed Rosenthal, legendary grower and advocate. CTU students also get access to four of Ed Rosenthal’s books, which can be read on a laptop or a mobile device.

Since 2009, CTU has been at the forefront of cannabis education as the first online marijuana college. As a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), CTU has the most renowned cannabis certification program and most graduates in the global industry.

Having an issue with the program or have a question? Turn to CTU’s chat support available every single day of the week. CTU alumni move on to work in various entry-level and advanced industry positions after completion.

Whether you’re looking to enroll in a Colorado cannabis college, Michigan cannabis college, Florida cannabis college, California cannabis college, or any other online cannabis college state or country around the world, CTU doesn’t sacrifice quality education for value.

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