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Seven Ways to Make The Most Out of Your Budtender. Weed in glass jars.

7 Ways to Make The Most Out of Your Budtender


Budtenders are often an unexploited resource, here are seven ways to make the most out of your budtender.

For novices out there, a budtender is the person you find at the other end of the counter when you walk into a marijuana dispensary. Typically they will welcome you and attempt to guide you through selecting the product that you need.

If you are like most of the young folk out there, you have probably brushed a few aside especially when they attempt small talk. But if you asked a few of the older folks out there, budtenders can offer so much help that they end up becoming “family” after a few interactions. So how do you get there with your budtender and is it even worth the trip (pun intended)?

To make this article worth the read, here are some of the best reasons why you should make your budtender your bosom buddy.

  1. They know the dispensary better than you do, you will save a lot of time when you engage them
  2. They will help you cull strains and products until you arrive at the most suitable option for you, this is what they are trained to do
  3. They can offer you alternatives that will work better in case you need a different effect
  4. They will guide you on the right dosage
  5. They can educate you on different strains and help you find one that is perfect for you
  6. They will show you how to use different smoking (or ingesting) paraphernalia that are available at the dispensary
  7. They are there to answer any question that you might have related to weed

Engaging an experienced budtender will not only save you time but it will also improve your general experience of consuming this holy herb. Best case scenario, you might end up saving money on your weed purchases because you will know exactly what you need and pay for just that.

If anything, there is absolutely no harm in engaging these resourceful people who have nothing but your best interests at heart. So let’s dive in and see how to make the most of your interaction with them.

1. Be friendly and courteous

As much as it is the job of the budtender to “do their job,” you will always get the most value out of them by being friendly and courteous. Respond to their greetings warmly and answer their questions forthrightly. This will help the budtender understand you and be able to help you find an appropriate product.

Your personal style and personality is quite telling of the product that best suits you. For example if you are generally reserved, a sativa may be what you need to get you in the mood for social interactions. The budtender may also help you decide the best way to consume the sativa that suits your lifestyle.

2. Let the budtender know how you like to consume your weed

There are different ways to consume weed. Feel free to let the budtender know which ones you have tried and which ones work best for you. This includes cannabis edibles, beverages, capsules, breath mints, tinctures, topicals, and more. Be prepared to answer a few questions from the budtender that will help them assess the effectiveness of the method and know whether to recommend an alternative.

How we experience cannabis largely determines the effects that we get to enjoy and how long they last. You could be complaining about a particular strain but the problem could be how you are consuming it.

For example, the effects of marijuana edibles take a longer time to set in but once they do they last for a longer duration. If what you need is an instant boost then you are better off trying something that hits the bloodstream instantly such as a bong.

Once your budtender has this information they will know where to start in helping you find the right product.

3. Let your budtender know whether you are a medical or recreational user

While some may consider this “private information,” sharing it with your budtender will help them guide you to the best product at the dispensary. The way in which you decide to consume marijuana, as well as the strain or product you use, will be contingent on the experience you desire to gain from it.

If you are looking for pain relief for example you will benefit more from an infused transdermal product as compared to simply smoking fresh buds. On the other hand, someone seeking anxiety relief is likely to benefit from a high-CBD strain that is ingested.

Be forthright with your budtender about how you intend to consume the marijuana as this will be to your own benefit.


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4. Let the budtender know the kind of experience that you are looking for

Aside from the type of user that you are, let the budtender know the kind of experience that you are seeking after. Some marijuana strains are fast acting while others are slow acting. Some are hard hitting while others are not. While some strains have heavy effects others have mild effects.

While sativas will stimulate your higher centers, indicas target the body and are likely to leave you glued to the couch. Some strains are good for morning use while others are great for the evening. With all these factors to consider it is best that you allow the budtender to guide you through.

5. Let the budtender know how long you have been using cannabis

New users are likely to get overwhelmed by many things. This includes the taste and smell of weed, the effects on the mind and body, as well as the gear that is used to consume cannabis. To help you have an easy landing, the budtender can recommend strains that are less intoxicating or overwhelming. They can also guide you on the friendliest way to start you off such as gummies or edibles.

If you are a seasoned stoner you can also benefit from a little chit chat with the budtender. The marijuana industry is one that evolves quite fast and sometimes it is hard to keep up with all the emerging products. Your budtender can bring you up to speed and you may discover better products to switch to.

However, it is important to know that tolerance for cannabis varies from one person to the next. A new user may have a higher tolerance than a veteran. If you have used weed before let the budtender understand how your body responds to the product and the amount that you consume. This will help the budtender advice on a dosage that is appropriate as well.

6. Let the budtender know how much you are willing to spend

Don't be shy when it comes to discussing cost and how much you are willing to part with. By sharing your financial position the budtender can help you find cheaper alternatives at the dispensary or they may advise you on offers, discounts, or deals that may be available.

Some dispensaries will discount bulk purchases while others will have periodical offers and discounts. The budtender is best placed to advise you on how to make the most of such deals.

Additionally, some dispensaries will offer discounts for those who are economically disadvantaged. In case you fall in this bracket your budtender could throw you a life line quite easily. And sometimes it is as simple as merely chatting them up.

7. Let the budtender know if you are discrete about your cannabis use

There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep your cannabis use under wraps. If you prefer it that way let the budtender know as much. The budtender will guide you in selecting strains and products that don't have a strong aroma. They can also show you products that are easy to keep discrete such as gummies and capsules.

That's actually IT, when it comes to productive ways to engage your budtender. But before we wrap this up, here is a bummer:

“Not all budtenders are created equal.”

Get this right, there are numerous resourceful budtenders out there. But just like in any career, there are some budtenders who are merely out to collect a paycheck at the end of the month. This is the kind that will tell you stuff like, “ You need to buy this today otherwise you will not find it here tomorrow.”

Most times, this is a lie and the budtender is just trying to get a product of the shelves. Definitely, these one should be fired with immediate effect. But before we get a way to do this you should learn how to spot a resourceful budtender and make the most of them.

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How to Spot a Resourceful Budtender

  1. They are passionate about cannabis and can sustain a prolonged discussion on the same. This does not mean that you go asking complex questions to test the budtender. However, you should attempt to engage them and see if they are in it for the money or if at all their passionate about their job.
  2. They understand their products well. A budtender who does not understand the product in the dispensary should be avoided like the plague. This type of budtender will mislead you on what to buy and is more of a liability than an asset.
  3. They are personable and keen on building friendships with customers
  4. They are not in a rush to finish up with you and will exercise patients even when asked too many questions.

With this you should be confident about making the most of your dispensary experience. But one last question, how do you reward a good budtender?

Should you tip your budtender?

Tipping for excellent services is ingrained in the American culture. But should you tip your budtender as well? Is this even legal? Is this routine, encouraged, or frowned upon?

Unfortunately, tipping is discouraged in the marijuana industry. This is due to the interpretation of RCW 69.50.357 which suggests that tipping in this industry is commonly used to manipulate prices of products to avoid paying excise tax.

Where tipping is allowed in a legal mariuana dispensary it cannot be mandatory or linked to the price of a commodity. To conclude, tipping your budtender should be considered a bonus and based solely on your personal conviction.

Now you have it all; 7 ways to make the most of your budtender.