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April is a Great Month to Start Your Marijuana Training. Marijuana head with cap on

April is a Great Month to Start Your Cannabis Training

While enlisting in a cannabis training program is a worthwhile pursuit at any time of the year, April is a great month to enroll, for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you’ve considered a career in cannabis but haven’t yet fully committed to the idea. Read further, and perhaps this article will provide the motivation you need.

Working in the cannabis industry is a dream job for many people, particularly those who love to consume premium flower and concentrates. There are a range of interesting opportunities, and many of them provide opportunities for career advancement. Whether it’s a job in cultivation, concentrates manufacturing, or retail, most likely there is a cannabis job that fits your personality and skill set—and there is a strong demand for people with cannabis knowledge.

Most of the United States working class completes their taxes during early April, and some of them are looking for an alternative source of income to boost their bottom line from the previous year. April falls in early spring, so as the days grow warmer and the dismal cold days of winter are left behind, April sees a rejuvenation of life, as outdoor foliage springs into rapid growth mode. Perhaps it’s your time to grow, too.

The allure of many cannabis jobs is obvious. For those who are passionate about cannabis, the attraction is huge. In the not-so-distant past, the idea of legal cannabis and someday working for a company that produces, sells, and/or promotes it was just a wishful pipe dream (pun intended. As desirable as these jobs appear, and often are, make no mistake that succeeding at a cannabis job involves putting in the necessary time. In that regard, it’s no different from working in any mainstream industry. Because there is competition for cannabis jobs, it would behoove you to embark in a legit and respected cannabis training program like the one offered by the Cannabis Training University (CTU). Through such a program, you will learn important information that will guide you to a successful future in the segment of the industry in which you want to work.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Enrolling in a formal cannabis training program is and earning certification specific to cannabis is an excellent way to set yourself apart from other people seeking the same jobs as you. Cannabis college doesn’t have to mean traveling to a remote location. You can learn from the comfort of your own home. Enrolling in a cannabis training university online provides the means to continue with your present job and learn on your own schedule rather than having to try to schedule your work hours around your classes like you would if attending a brick-and-mortar school.

Within the cannabis industry, budtender and cultivation associate jobs are the positions most in demand. A quick skim through any of the employment websites will verify this fact. To qualify for this type of job, applicants must confirm that they’re 21 years of age, pass a background check, and possess the industry licensing or certification that is most likely necessary in your state. Most legal marijuana states require some sort of licensing specific to cannabis work. For instance, in Colorado, those who work in jobs that “touch the plant” (any cultivation of dispensary job) must possess a “MED badge.” MED stands for the Marijuana Enforcement Division, the regulating body for cannabis in the state. Don’t worry excessively about being eligible for certification, because acquiring the necessary credentials is a relatively simple process. Although some cannabis companies will not require you to have certification at the time of accepting the job, it’s a good idea to take care of that requirement before your interviewing begins.

After confirming that all job applicants possess the necessary prerequisites, the worthiest applicant usually gets the job, which often depends on industry and cannabis knowledge as well as the applicant’s interpersonal skills and overall demeanor during the interview.

Cultivation and dispensary jobs require different skill sets, and a person who excels at one may not necessarily do well at the other. Cultivation positions involve considerable physical labor and interaction with anyone other than co-workers is not usually part of the job. Dispensary work requires someone with a defined skill set, a “people person” with a knack for customer service and interpersonal communication.


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Company-specific training for either type of job costs the hiring company money, so most cultivation companies and dispensaries make every effort to hire the most qualified applicants. The training you will receive from CTU’s Master’s Certification Program will help you become one of these preferred applicants.

Cultivation Jobs with Outdoor Grows

If you seek a new cannabis job in cultivation and live in an area where large outdoor crops are possible, spring is the time of year when new clones are planted and begin their long grow cycle. While you may not see the full growing season if you begin your cannabis training in April, you will definitely be able to experience the most interesting phases of late vegetative growth and the entire flowering period—including the most exciting day of all, the harvest!

For cultivation companies or cultivation department of vertically integrated companies that engage in outdoor cultivation, there is often an increased need for cultivation associates in spring and early summer for the simple reason that outdoor grows are usually large and only occur from spring to fall, created an increased demand for additional team members. Once you gain employment with a company like this and demonstrate your commitment, you will have a secure job when operations transition to indoor grows and greenhouses as the cooler days of fall take hold. Learn the finer points of cannabis cultivation and growing marijuana by enrolling in a legitimate cannabis training program today.

Dispensary Budtender Jobs

If you seek a job in a cannabis dispensary or adult-use retail store, enrolling in a THC university in the United States or a Canada cannabis college, will put you on a path to a more lucrative future. Dispensaries appreciate hard work, so the opportunities to advance to a higher level are very real. In fact, many dispensary managers started out as entry-level budtenders and climbed the ladder to a management position after demonstrating their strong work ethic and dedication to the company.

Dispensaries often are very busy places, so it’s not unusual for budtenders to be on their feet and interacting with customers during their entire shifts. If the dispensary is popular, a long line of people will wait in order to take advantage of special offers or elite flower or concentrates in stock. Since much of budtending is retail sales, providing strong customer service is as important as knowledge of cannabis and related products.

The customers will range from experienced cannabis consumers who need little assistance deciding what to purchases to complete newbies to the world of legal marijuana. For either type of customer, cordiaf customer service is necessary to make all patrons feel comfortable and satisfied with what they purchase. With the large number of dispensaries in business today, customers have choices and will head to the cannabis business down the street if they feel dissatisfied or upset with the service they received. Budtenders must earn their customers’ loyalty through exemplary interaction and a pleasant, helpful demeanor. Budtenders are, in effect, brand ambassadors for their companies. Converting foot traffic into repeat customers is vital, and gaining customer trust is paramount to success in the cannabis space. Brand satisfaction translates to brand recognition, and stellar brand service leads to brand loyalty—which should be the ultimate goal of all budtenders.

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In most cannabis states, dispensary hours are long, with some dispensaries and recreational shops closing as late as 10 p.m. or even midnight. Daily cannabis business hours depend on city ordinances. Most will be open on Sundays and holidays, so you may have to work during those times. Being punctual and conforming to company-specific standard operating procedures is important, because many dispensaries have defined opening and closing policies and practices. Suffice it to say that punctuality is expected and tardiness is noticed. This is really no different from any job, cannabis-related or otherwise.

Your Career Path Is Waiting

A career in cannabis can be long and prosperous, with plenty of opportunities for advancement. Start planning to expand your cannabis learning this April to put yourself on a course for a promising position in a dispensary or cultivation operation.

Being ably employed in the cannabis space before the plant becomes legal on the federal level will put you ahead of the game as latecomers to the industry scramble to secure good positions. Acting today and not procrastinating will plot your course for a better future. Enroll now!

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