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Australia's marijuana jobs and cannabis careers are hot. Expect them to grow big in the next few years. You can get a head start in this thriving industry with the right education.

Australia will likely legalize weed in the near future. Many Australians are in favor of legalizing weed and smoke a lot. In fact, Australia's cannabis use is one of the highest in the world. It’s no wonder that experts predict a cannabis boom.

Australia’s Cannabis Industry

Since 2016, Australia has allowed the medicinal use of cannabis. Since then, the country's market has taken off like a rocket.

Companies are building new facilities in every corner. These facilities are helping reduce their reliance on weed imports.

These new facilities are making cannabis cheaper for many patients. Affordable cannabis means more patients can find long-term pain relief. Chronic pain is the most common condition authorized for cannabis use.

Australia is the fourth largest medicinal cannabis industry in the world. Australia's market follows the US, Canada, and Germany. Legal weed could bring in more than $20 billion over the next 10 years. That's a lot of tax dollars and savings to help many services.

A report by Prohibition Partners found that the country could bring in $1.5 billion by 2025. Its estimated market value is $40 million (USD). Experts predict massive industry growth due to a few key growth factors. First, Australia is close to legalizing weed due to a growing demand. Second, Australians are more in favor of legalizing cannabis. Third, Australian Capital Territory’s (ACT) new laws legalized weed. They opened the door for adult-use cultivation and possession.

In 2019, Australia lifted restrictions on cannabis exports. Cannabis companies can sell cannabis products to the rest of the world.

The products sold include oils, patches, lozenges, sprays, and tablets. The government added financial support to grow the industry.  They're funding six large-scale medical cannabis projects.

Australian Cannabis Laws 2023 and Beyond

Australia's cannabis laws have been evolving in recent years, with the most significant changes taking place in 2023. Currently, Australia is one of the few countries to have legalized the medical use of cannabis and its derivatives, allowing patients to access these products through authorized suppliers. The legalization also opened up a range of business opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors looking to capitalize on Australia's growing cannabis industry.

The current Cannabis Act of Australia makes it legal for adults over 21 years old to possess up to 50 g (1.76 oz) of dried cannabis flower for personal use.

Australian residents are also allowed to cultivate up to two plants indoors or four outdoor plants per household for personal use, although selling cannabis outside regulated channels remains illegal.

Additionally, Australia now allows individuals and businesses to apply for licenses that will enable them to engage in production or manufacturing activities related to medicinal cannabis products as well as research and development related activities such as testing, clinical trials, and distribution.

In terms of jobs related to Australia's new cannabis laws, there are already numerous opportunities available in areas such as cannabis cultivation management, cannabis quality assurance/compliance, extraction technicians, laboratory technicians, dispensary management roles, marketing professionals and more.

With an estimated market size of $7 billion by 2025 the demand for workers across Australia's cannabis industry is expected to continue rising over the next few years creating even more job opportunities both full-time positions and internships alike!

Furthermore, Australia's growing acceptance towards recreational marijuana also opens up additional business opportunities including retail stores dedicated exclusively to selling marijuana-based products such as edibles or tinctures; online dispensaries as well as specialized publications with news about Australia’s various marijuana-related laws; lobbyists advocating for further changes on behalf of consumers and businesses; IT companies developing services that are tailored specifically for Australia’s emerging marijuana economy; consultancies offering guidance on how best navigate Australia’s changing regulatory landscape; educational seminars; events planners organizing seminars on topics related to medical marijuana etc.

Australia's evolving regulations regarding medical and recreational marijuana offer numerous unique business opportunities that can provide great economic benefit and employment chances if utilized properly.

Those interested in pursuing a cannabis career in this field should take into account all aspects from regulations governing its production process all the way through marketing strategies needed when bringing products into the market.

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Cannabis Employment in Australia

You can find cannabis jobs in medicine to develop new drugs for patients. There are pot jobs in scientific research to test the effects of weed. If you love to grow weed, you can find work in the horticulture field. Healthcare fields are looking for the best doctors and nurses to prescribe the plant. Production facilities are looking for top entry-level talent.

There are plenty of ancillary jobs to help support the industry. Brands need sales and marketing to advertise the product. They require security companies to protect the product and staff. IT companies set up the computer network that runs the operation. There are many more jobs out there for entry-level employees.

Cannabis Cultivation in Australia

Cannabis cultivation is the backbone of the supply chain. Master growers are in charge of running a pot farm. They manage a team of assistants. These assistants help them during the growing process. Flower trimmers are entry-level jobs for applicants with no experience.

These jobs are a great start to a career in cannabis cultivation. Trimmers remove the buds from the plants during harvest season. They must prune them to get ready for sale or extraction.

Dispensing Cannabis Jobs in Australia

Weed clinics provide patients with medical cannabis. Cannabis pharmacy jobs require an experienced staff of pharmacists. A secretary can help with desk and office duties in any cannabis business. Pharmacy and dispensary jobs aren’t entry-level friendly. You can gain experience as a secretary. Start getting ready for the impending retail and dispensary boom.

Legal weed will increase the amount of entry-level jobs available. You can work as a budtender in a retail dispensary. You can get a job as a security guard protecting the products and staff. These positions can help you work your way up the retail store ladder.

Cannabis Production Jobs in Australia

Some companies transform cannabis buds into different forms. Patients can buy everything from oils to capsules and more products. Extraction companies work on removing the cannabis oil from the plant. With the oil, they can infuse it into many products for patients.

Production specialists get the product shelf-ready. Extraction technician jobs require experience in the field. Extraction technicians run closed-loop equipment. The equipment removes the cannabinoids from the raw flower buds or trim.

The Australian cannabis market's future is bright for job seekers. In 10 years, more of these jobs will be available in cannabis.

Where to Look for Cannabis Jobs

There are many places to find cannabis jobs, but through word of mouth is most common. You can find careers on a company’s website and apply then and there. You can find cannabis careers in online job boards including Seek, Cannabis Jobs, Indeed, and Glassdoor.

But, where are the cannabis jobs located in Australia? You can find cannabis employment in large cities and their surrounding suburbs. You can find cannabis jobs in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, and Sunshine Coast.

For more cannabis jobs, you can try networking with local business owners. To do this, you can attend industry events in Australia. Cannabis companies may be looking for top talent at these events. It’s important to look your best and come prepared to these events.

You will need to think of creative ways to find companies that are hiring. For instance, you can build up your online presence to show off your skills. This helps you connect with those in the industry who may be hiring. You’ll have to work on developing your work skills by getting work experience. Cannabis education is important for companies to see.

Getting a Cannabis Job

If you want to work in the cannabis industry, you’re going to need experience with. To do this, cannabis education can give you what you need. While completing the curriculum, you’ll learn how to navigate the market.

Cannabis education helps you in many ways to get a job. First, cannabis education shows a passion for learning and growing. You will show dedication to advancing in this field. Second, cannabis education teaches you the latest laws and trends.

You can create a relevant resume and cover letter to send to employers. You submit these with your job application to help recruiters. They can get a better feel for your work and cannabis experience. You don’t need a cannabis work permit to work in the industry.

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Australia Cannabis College

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