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Land your dream job as a budtender, with this certificate that is included in the Master of Cannabis Program! Cannabis Budtender’s easy-to-understand lessons and videos will boost your knowledge of marijuana and teach you how to get a work permit, write a resume, and land that job you have always wanted as a budtender. Your certificate will show employers that you’re trained and certified to work as a budtender or in CBD/hemp sales!

Land your dream job as a budtender, with this certificate that is included in the Master of Cannabis Program!

I would potentially pay someone [with a Cannabis Budtender certificate] a dollar an hour or more than somebody who wouldn't have that [certificate].

– Michelle Laforce

Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Owner

Michelle Laforce CTU User Testimonial

Budtender Certification: Topics

Intro Cannabis Basics

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Intro Cannabis As Medicine

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Cannabis Dispensary & Budtender Careers

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Intro Cannabis Laws and Regulations

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Handouts and Resources

Handouts and resources can be downloaded and/or accessed after enrollment ends.

  1. Definitions: Cannabis Basics Terminology
  2. Definitions: Cannabis Legal Terminology
  3. Information Sheet: Top Ten Symptoms Relieved By Cannabis
  4. Ebook: First Aid for Cannabis Side Effects
  5. Chart: Effects Of Common Cannabinoids
  6. Chart: Effects of Common Cannabis Terpenes
  7. Definitions: Cannabis Medical Terminology
  8. How to Become a Cannabis Budtender
  9. How to Become a Cannabis Dispensary Manager
  10. How to Become a Cannabis Expert
  11. Sample: Cover Letter For Entry Level Grower
  12. Sample: Resume For Entry Level Grower
  13. Sample: Cover Letter For Dispensary Manager
  14. Sample: Resume For Dispensary Manager
  15. Procedure: Dab Equipment And How To Dab
  16. Chart: Cannabis Consumption Methods
  17. Chart: Entourage Effects
  18. Chart: Effects Of Common Cannabinoids On Receptors
  19. How to Become a Cannabis Entrepreneur
  20. Procedure: 6-Day Cannabis Sensitization Protocol
  21. Procedure: Finding the Right Dose
  22. How To Become A Medical Cannabis Caregiver
  23. Chart: Characteristics Of Cannabis Types
  24. Chart: Storage For Cannabis Products
  25. Chart: Cannabis Interactions With Other Drugs
  26. Calculator: Cannabis Dry Weight Conversions


Textbooks can be accessed for the duration of your enrollment.

  • Big Book of Buds Greatest Hits


All of our programs take you inside the cannabis industry. You will learn directly from Master's of marijuana in their field.

With the Budtender Certification apply for these jobs:

Recreational Marijuana Budtender

Medical Cannabis Budtender

Medical/Recreational Dispensary Agent

Cannabis Compassionate Care Assistant

CBD Salesperson

CBD Shop Associate

Jeff Cannabis Training University testimonial

Jeff Haynes

Boulder, CO

I just finished my classes and passed my certificate exam! I landed a job as a budtender in a marijuana dispensary in Boulder! Best cannabis training college and most affordable marijuana school. Thanks!




3 Tips & Tricks to Becoming a Budtender

Land your dream job budtending!