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Hiring employees for your marijuana dispensary can be quite challenging. A budtender hire, for example, needs to be strategic. You have to take your time in getting the right people, especially those that are highly trained and knowledgeable.

There are other factors involved too. You want someone with experience and/or certification from a reputable Cannabis Training University. These details are very crucial to your success. To find the ideal employees and to reduce your retention rate, you have to put certain guidelines into place before hiring employees. However, let's just focus on the budtender hire in this article.

Hiring Too Fast

We all know that the cannabis industry is booming and there are many cannabis shops being opened to facilitate the recreational and medical marijuana demand. Therefore, many marijuana dispensary owners may have a hard time finding trained and experienced staff to fill the most important positions.

When there is an influx of medical cannabis patients and customers that have a need for recreational marijuana, then a budtender hire is going to be essential to your progress. Finding qualified employees should be your primary goal so that you can meet your customer's needs. Budtender hire should focus on the applicant's qualifications and training. This includes customer service and coursework.

Yes, a budtender has to deal with customers directly, helping customers to find the best cannabis products that are necessary for their ailments. And for that reason, a budtender must have good customer service abilities, even if working in a marijuana dispensary that sells only recreational weed.

A budtender hire is contingent upon knowing the right cannabis strains to recommend to customers. A budtender should not recommend a product that would cause the customer to have an unpleasant experience. This would only result in a loss of clientele.

If you were to hire quickly, then it is likely that your retention rate would be higher than usual. While you are interviewing, you may have to test the candidate's personality and knowledge by role playing. A knowledgeable and experienced candidate would be able to recognize through role playing the needs of the customer and the way to handle the customer's needs. You should conduct multiple interviews before making the final choice.


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Check Employment and Personal History

You should never discriminate against any candidate, but as an employer, you have to look into an employee's past. For example, if you were to do a background check during the budtender hire, and you found out that the candidate had a previous drug-related felony charge, it should give you reason to pause. It is also important to carefully check references, provided by the candidate. To summarize, always have a background check done to avoid any surprises.

The Experience

Experience is an asset in any industry. However, the cannabis industry is a specialized one and requires knowledge about various marijuana strains. For this reason, experience is essential. Many candidates for budtender hire assume that experience is not important.

Many believe that their interest in the industry should be enough, but that is wrong. Once you have the basic customer service skills and experience, you can enter the cannabis industry. You can learn about cannabis strains while on the job, but it is still better to get adequate training.

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The Budtender Training

If you find a good candidate for budtender hire, you can offer training or have the person sign up for courses at a Cannabis Training University. Investing in a good candidate could save you the trouble of hiring someone with experience, but no reliability. To enjoy success in the cannabis industry, it is important to avoid choosing an employee with subpar skills, but you can offer training opportunities to someone with potential.

One more thing: do not ignore any red flags. The industry is risky as it is and you don't want to choose someone with bad intentions or a criminal past. Trust your instincts. If you want to learn more about budtender training, go to the Cannabis Training University today.