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When you walk into a marijuana dispensary to order legal marijuana products for the first time, it can be a surreal and amazing experience. That is why you need a knowledgeable staff to assist you. You can ask budtender questions about a wide range of things including the right cannabis strains that will work the best for your medical condition.

Getting The Right Answers

While you are in a medical marijuana dispensary, you may have to choose from a variety of marijuana strains and other cannabis products such as edibles, concentrates, extracts, tinctures and topicals. In many cases, budtender questions are answered by trained and qualified individuals that know how to provide a high standard of customer service.

These budtenders will often know everything about the cannabis products sold in the marijuana dispensary. However, you have to know the type of budtender questions to ask in order to get the right answers.

The Expert

Remember that not every budtender gets the same training and so not all of them know how to provide good customer service by helping you to choose marijuana products that are appropriate for your medical condition. The budtender who is highly trained and helpful tends to be able to answer budtender questions in a more knowledgeable way.

However, even before you ask those questions, a good budtender will nudge you into telling him or her about your medical condition. In so doing, it will be easier to specify the exact marijuana product that you would need for your medical condition. Recommendations will also be made by an expert budtender. Each consumer should receive personalized treatment since everyone has different needs.

Misleading Information

If you find that you are dealing with a marijuana dispensary staff who is just trying to sell products from their in-house  inventory  so as to empty the shelves, then it is time to go to another marijuana dispensary where this is not the case. You also don't want to deal with someone who knowingly provides misleading or inaccurate in their recommendations.


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Budtender Questions

Once you find the medical marijuana dispensary that will cater to your needs, it is time to jot down your budtender questions so that you are prepared when you get there. There are some questions that you should also be ready to answer such as:

  • How are you going to consume the marijuana?
  • Are you going to use marijuana as a medicine or for recreational use?
  • Are you looking for a high or low psychoactive experience?
  • How long do you want to have that high feeling?
  • How discreet do you want your experience to be?

When you speak to the cannabis consultant in a dispensary, you will get a better idea of which product will be best for you and it will improve the effectiveness of the product.

The Answers

You can consume marijuana in various ways such as smoking, eating edibles, drinking beverages or tinctures, breath mints, capsules and oil, just to name a few. You should do your own research to decide how you will consume cannabis and then take any questions with you to your visit to a marijuana dispensary. If you have a chronic illness or qualifying medical condition, your decision would be to seek marijuana as a medicine.

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If you are a recreational user, you will want to know about the different cannabis strains available. You should also seek answers about the level of THC or CBD in each strain to get a better idea of the psychoactive effect and how long it will last. If you have other budtender questions you need answered, go to the Cannabis Training University today.