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The American culture has always respected the concept of tipping within most service industries. Gratuity is usually encouraged when you dine in a restaurant, get your hair done, stay in a hotel or even when the worker in the grocery store puts your purchased items into bags for you.

The same should be true for budtenders since this is a service industry job within the cannabis industry. Budtender tipping should also be encouraged since this is an important individual that you need to get you the right medical marijuana strain that you need. Your tip or donation is saying thanks to your budtender providing you with impeccable service.

Washington State

In Washington state, which has already legalized marijuana, budtender tipping is allowed inside any licensed marijuana dispensary or retail smoke shop. However, it is not a mandatory requirement or condition of the sale. It is to the customer's discretion. In addition, budtender tipping should not be connected to the cannabis product price, just to avoid your tax responsibilities.

The Clarity of Budtender Tipping

Many cannabis patients and consumers were not aware of budtender tipping being illegal in the past and that it was only recently an acceptable practice. More questions are still raised, even though, things have changed.

You would probably want to know whether you should offer a tip to the budtender if it is really that necessary and if so, how much should you offer? To be more clear of any misconceptions, you may just want to ask outright, if the budtender will accept a tip or not.

Showing Appreciation

Budtender tipping should be considered as a bonus. You are giving back something to someone who has been nothing, but helpful to you. This is enough reason to consider investing your money into a person that has your best interest at heart. Yes, that special bonus given should be considered an investment into your well being.

If a staff member is taking time to explain to a customer about what terpenes or THC is, cannabis strain profiles, marijuana cultivation techniques and edible creation, it would be nice to offer compensation to show appreciation, not only for the service provided, but for the knowledge given.


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We know that the staff member already gets paid by the owner of the marijuana dispensary, but it is only human to show that you do care about the time spent to educate you about something that is so important to you.

More Than Recommendation

The cannabis industry is service-oriented like the alcohol, restaurant and hotel industry. So why not consider budtender tipping as you are receiving a service that could be even more intense?

For example, patrons will regularly give their bartenders a tip, just for making a recommendation on what type of drink to have. Budtending could be compared to consulting, which is more than just a recommendation. It could work out to be advice or opinion given and information offered. In other words, you could get more than you expected.

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Low Wages

You may not be aware that people in the service industry usually don't make a lot of money. They depend on tips to make up their wages. Every state has their own minimum wage, but most states are $15 per hour or below. The bottom line is that people in the service industry look forward to receiving tips. Budtender tipping is no different.

When someone waits on you, hands and feet, this should be a given. Give your tip based on the quality of service that you have received. The budtender will then go out of his or way to ensure that you get quality service. If you want to learn about a budtender career, go to the Cannabis Training University now.

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