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A budtender's job duties are a very essential part of a marijuana dispensary. Without this specific staff member, the dispensary would not be able to run efficiently. This is especially true for one who is very knowledgeable and trained. Many budtenders receive their training from a reputable online school program such as Cannabis Training University. If you want to be a budtender, this school is where you should start.

The Name Preference

Many of these trained individuals do not like the term ‘budtender' to be used to describe them. Most of them prefer the term ‘dispensary agent.' Budtenders are very important to the marijuana dispensary business and cannabis industry. They know a lot about marijuana strains and how each strain treats specific illnesses.

They must have customer service experience so they can have a rapport with medical cannabis patients who need help to get the right strains and so many times, one patient might need more attention than another one. Most budtenders take their jobs very seriously because it involves people's lives.

The Rules

In most state's it is illegal to smoke on the job. Budtenders have to be alert, keen, and awakened enough to do their jobs well. If they smoke on the job, it would only exasperate things and make the job more challenging, especially to interact with customers in a clear-minded way. Most marijuana dispensaries want the budtender's job duties to remain professional throughout the day and throughout their work shifts. However, there are some dispensary owners who will allow employees to consume edibles or concentrates that do not require smoking. It is not recommended though.

Most states require a background check in order to be a budtender. A clean background is essential in working in the cannabis industry, no felonies allowed.

Budtender's Job Duties

It might seem like a simple task to insert buds into little ‘baggies', but it is more than that. Budtender's need to know the effects of different cannabis products and which types help with different ailments. If you are going to sell weed legally, your duty is more than the physical aspects of the job.


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You want to be able to guide customers in the right direction and help them find what they are looking for. Many of the people who are employed in the cannabis industry are either trained or experienced.

Many budtenders were advocates of legalizing marijuana and so are not going to jeopardize their hard work, but will do what they can to continue to advocate for legal marijuana use, whether medical or recreationally.  Most budtender's job duties are taken seriously because they know that people's lives are at risk. Many of them will go to lengths to stay abreast of the changing laws, compliance and guidelines. They will often use their experiences to advance in the dispensary business.

Final Thoughts

Every budtender's job duties involve compassion for the customers. The environment has to be clean, which is one of the budtender's job duties. The person has to be extra pleasant and helpful.  

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