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Budtending: A Great Way To Start Your Cannabis Career

Budtending: A Great Way To Start Your Cannabis Career

Among the numerous career opportunities available in the cannabis industry, none are in demand as much as cannabis-savvy budtenders with strong communication skills. Budtending positions are by far the most commonly advertised jobs in the cannabis space, and landing one is a great way to start a cannabis career.

People look for and desire cannabis jobs for many reasons. One is secure employment opportunities with room for upward growth. Numerous people nationwide with management marijuana jobs entered the industry in entry-level positions. Budtender jobs are a common way for them to start out in successful cannabis companies. Those who demonstrate retail competency and a strong work ethic are able to climb the company ladders and advance to budtender lead positions before ascending to dispensary assistant manager and manager positions. Some of them are able to transfer to corporate office management roles. These people know their companies’ protocol and practices better than any outsider seeking the same position. It makes sense that the cannabis education they’ve received on the job will pay off and reap dividends for them down the road after a demonstrated history of hard work.

Are You Ready?

Anyone looking for a high times university should strongly consider the online training opportunity offered by the Cannabis Training University. Strongly consider enrolling in this cannabis college’s Masters Certification Program, because it will give you a competitive advantage over other who are actively seeking the same jobs as you. As an increasing number of people aspire to work in the cannabis industry, a solid program of cannabis learning will provide the foundation of knowledge you need for success.

Online cannabis training is exactly what human resources personnel and recruiters are looking for when browsing through resumes to fill positions within their companies. Statistics indicate that recruiters spend an average of only six seconds viewing a resume before moving to the next. Significant accomplishments like certification from a respected marijuana college is certain to catch their eye and compel them to spend more time viewing your qualifications. This simple fact is all that’s necessary for you to be called in for an interview, while other applicants will not. Many recruiters rely on software to identify keywords in resumes. The approach weeds out a great number of unqualified applicants. If your resume reflects a history of cannabis learning and training, it will likely receive a more formal review.

What You Will Learn

The formal training you will receive from a THC university will enable you to begin a budtender position with knowledge that can span from cultivation principles to retail best practices. For instance, the Cannabis Training University offers seven courses with hundreds of lessons and videos. Budtenders must engage in customer service every day they are on the job, so learning basic retail principles regarding interpersonal communication with dispensary patrons—an essential part of being a budtender—is one reason formal online budtender training is important. Not only is it important for landing a budtender job, but also for executing the essential duties of the position once you hit the dispensary sales floor. In addition to accommodating customers with reliable answers to their many questions, you must be a salesperson. The best sales professionals have a deep knowledge of what they sell, which is part of the appeal of landing a job as a budtender.

If you are passionate about cannabis like many budtenders, most likely you already know a great deal about it. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to demonstrate this knowledge through a resume or an interview within interview time constraints. Your formal cannabis institution learning will do that for you. A budtender should have a good understanding of industry practices and products in order to speak authoritatively with customers. This same knowledge will serve you well in an interview when responding to direct questions. Your cannabis learning from online marijuana training will allow you provide educated answers about methods of growing cannabis, the varying hot and cold procedures and processes of cannabinoid extraction, and the related products they create. You will be able to speak about cannabinoids beyond a rudimentary level, as well as possible ways these cannabinoids can effectively relieve a host of physical and mental health conditions.


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Training from a cannabis university will also provide you with the knowledge necessary to remain on the right side of the law in the dispensary environment. You will learn about federal laws and regulations relating to cannabis. This information will supplement your knowledge of individual state laws. If you aren’t familiar with the word “compliance” now, you most certain will once you begin work as a budtender. Compliance refers to obeying laws and regulations. Complying with these laws is essential in the cannabis industry. Since ignorance of laws is never a valid defense, you will need to know a variety of binding legal requirements that are mandatory when selling marijuana. Important subjects like valid customer identification and limitations relating to the amount of product you can legally sell will be essential to keeping you and your company clear of legal infractions when under the scrutiny of regulatory divisions and law enforcement.

Many states allow for delivery services relating to marijuana. Your training will include essential information about dispensary, delivery, and security service interaction and how they combine to serve the cannabis access needs of customers and patients. Your cannabis training can also include coursework about cannabis packaging ang labeling. State laws vary with regard to packaging and labeling, and this legislation is subject to revision on a regular basis. For instance, there are limitations for the words that can be used on both cannabis edibles packaging and marketing within the dispensary. There are also restrictions on the books about the shapes of many THC-infused products that may appeal to children. For instance, in Colorado, gummy candies cannot resemble the popular gummy bears that kids love. It will be your responsibility to use the correct terminology and advice to provide when selling edibles, particularly sweets, which many people tend to indulge in excessively.

In addition to learning the core responsibilities and duties of a budtender, you will have the opportunity to learn about the potential medical benefits of cannabis on a level well beyond what you now know. As research into THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids continues, our understanding of possible medical applications for cannabis continues to grow, too. Marijuana colleges remain abreast of research and evolving laws to bring you training that reflects this rapidly changing industry.

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You’ve Got This!

With proper planning, the budtender job of your dreams may be yours within a relatively short time. Before engaging in extensive job searches, give yourself a competitive advantage by enrolling in a respected cannabis training and education program. Learn sativa and indica facts that relate to all product lines in the retail environment. Polish your customer service practices so you can better serve dispensary customers and patients, while also boosting your sales record.

Your career in cannabis will entail many milestones and steps. One of the biggest steps of all is landing your first industry job as a budtender. Make the wise decision now to maximize the effectiveness of your job search by receiving a strategic education that teaches you all you need to know to succeed as a budtender.