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If you want to start a cannabis career in Oregon, you don’t need any legal knowledge, but you do need training in the medical cannabis industry. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something substantial to put on your resume, if you were to embark on a new cannabis career? What better way to do so than to get the proper training and certification so employers can take you seriously?

Remember that a marijuana dispensary owner is not looking to train anyone per se. Yes, you may be able to start out entry level as a salesperson, but you would have to know a handful of pertinent things regarding the industry.

The Cannabis Training University offers a wide range of courses that is extensive enough to teach you all you want to know about working in the cannabis industry.

Proper Training

With the proper training and certification at the end of training, you will go into a cannabis career equipped and be able to stand out in the crowd of competitors seeking the same marijuana jobs that you would be seeking.

Many marijuana dispensary owners have hundreds of resumes sitting on their desks and so, in order to compete for a cannabis career, you have to know what you are doing. It will be obvious that you know nothing about the marijuana industry if you go in without training. Now, let’s look at what the state of Oregon offers for the marijuana industry.

The Governing Laws

In the state of Oregon, marijuana became legal through the legislative process known as Ballot Measure 67. In 1998, this piece of legislation was voted on and approved by more than half of the voters. The law allows medical marijuana patients to possess, use and cultivate cannabis without being criminally penalized. However, medical cannabis patients must have a signed recommendation that they would receive from a physician. The patient must also have a debilitating health issue that medical cannabis will fix.


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In 2014, another law, the Ballot Measure 91 was voted on for recreational marijuana. It took about 56 percent of voters to approve it. So, recreational cannabis was allowed, but it had to be regulated and taxed by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. These are some of the things that are taught at the Cannabis Training University. For that reason, it would be smart to enroll to take courses about the laws that govern medical marijuana.

Types of Jobs

If you are looking to change to a cannabis career in the medical and recreational marijuana industry, you could consider various types of job such as:

  • Trimmer
  • Dispensary Agent
  • Budtender
  • Patient Liaison
  • Pharmacy Tech
  • Sales Person
  • Cannabis Grower
  • Cannabis Grow Operator

No matter which one of these jobs you decide on, you still are going to need the required training and certification in order to compete. A budtender is the person that provides customer service and sales to the customers. They are the first contact persons and can help patients to make the right choice for their ailments. The pharmacy tech is able to determine the right dosage for the patient.

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Make a Decision

Once you decide to start a cannabis career in Oregon, and you have taken and passed the course for certification, you would submit your resume to various marijuana dispensary owners. But first, you would choose the specific job that you want and have your resume created specifically for that job. For a budtender, any customer service skill and experience in the past will also help you to land the job. If you really want to start a cannabis career in Oregon, enroll in the Cannabis Training University's marijuana courses today.

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