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Are you wondering how to get one of the best cannabis careers in Massachusetts? Are you interested in becoming a cannabis grower or working in a marijuana dispensary? Or are you interested in locally owning cannabis grow stores in Massachusetts? Did you know that you can use your current career to work in the marijuana industry?

Yes, you can. If you are an electrician or plumber, for example, you could cash in by working on newly constructed cannabis grow operation. If you are a real estate broker, you can look for properties for prospective cannabis dispensary owners.

The Industry

If you are thinking about embarking into the industry, you can do so by starting your own marijuana dispensary business in Massachusetts or acquiring one of the ideal cannabis careers in the state. You can do this as long as you have the know-how about the industry.

If you don’t, you should consider taking a medical cannabis online course to become certified to acquire the necessary knowledge. Cannabis Training University offers in-depth online cannabis courses prepared by expert authorities in the industry.

The Career

In Massachusetts, people are looking to get into cannabis careers as the industry is expanding to create thousands of jobs for people in the state and throughout the United States. You can become a part of this statistics, if you arm yourself with the knowledge to advance in a cannabis career. In the state of Massachusetts, the law allows for you to seek cannabis careers legally. In fact, there are an influx of jobs created by various institutions and companies including:

  • Doctor’s offices
  • Marijuana dispensaries
  • Delivery services
  • Smoke shops
  • Transportation industry
  • Retail shops
  • Lab research

The Director

In the state of Massachusetts, Karen van Unen was named as the Director of Medical Marijuana Program. She has worked in a consulting capacity with Tufts University School of Public Health.

Karen van Unen understands the benefits of what legalized marijuana can do to the state, health and the job market. For that reason, guidelines are put in place to demonstrate how residents can take advantage of the industry.


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Multiple Positions

You can easily become part of this thriving industry by being trained by a reputable cannabis school like Cannabis Training University. Acquiring one of these cannabis careers could result in a major change in your life. You don’t have to compete with so many candidates looking for a regular job. You will be working in a specialized field with less competition. There are many positions you can choose to become:

  • Security staff
  • Cannabis grow staff
  • Service staff
  • Retail staff

Training and Knowledge

Once you find a cannabis dispensary that is fully licensed and you have been fully trained and equipped with the knowledge, you will be ready to apply for your job in Massachusetts. The laws in this state require that marijuana dispensaries be completely independent as well as vertically integrated.

For this reason, more job openings will be available for trained and knowledgeable individuals. It is estimated that production facilities may be able to hire up to 20 staff members for processing and growing cannabis. Up to 20 employees will be needed within the service department of a grow business. More than 10 employees could be added to the packaging and processing department of marijuana grow companies.

Other Jobs

Other dispensary jobs would include:

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  • Administrative staff
  • HIR departments
  • Supervisors and managers
  • Record keepers
  • Budtenders

In the first months of doing business, marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts are expected to hire up to 60 employees because it is inevitable that they will continue to grow and be successful as the state embraces this multi-billion dollar industry.


Many in the state of Massachusetts believe that workers in the cannabis industry may eventually be required to become certified as plumbers, hairdressers and health professionals too. To be proactive and prepared for this in the future, people interested in pursuing a career in this industry should enroll in an online cannabis certification course. So, if you are ready to take courses and become certified so you can apply for a cannabis job, enroll in Cannabis Training University today!