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Cannabis industry jobs are growing at a faster rate than many other industries. More laws are passed legalizing medicinal and recreational marijuana and therefore creating a demand for high-paying jobs. Getting proper cannabis education and training will help you land some of these marijuana jobs! Working in the cannabis industry can be a rewarding career.

12 Cannabis Industry Jobs

Here is a list of cannabis industry jobs that are in demand this month and will only increase in opportunity as time goes on. Everybody with an interest in marijuana will find a 420-friendly job that fits their skills.

Cannabis Consultant

This high level (pun intended!) position helps others open dispensaries by consulting on marijuana laws and regulations, along with business development and talent acquisition.

This is one of the highest paying jobs in the 420 industry and those with the necessary skills and cannabis experience will thrive moving forward.

Marijuana Dispensary Officer

Every high-level weed business needs Chief Operating Officers and Chief Financial Officers. These upper managerial positions are the end goals for those looking to work in pot dispensaries.

Each title has different responsibilities. COOs control the daily operations of the business while CFOs handle the financial side of the equation.

Ganja is a big business, so there will be no shortage of dispensaries looking for COOs and CFOs that have a lot of experience in, and out of the industry.

Cannabis Extraction Tech

Marijuana extraction jobs are expected to grow quickly as concentrates become more popular with avid pot consumers.

Extraction technicians work with Master Extractors to process marijuana in a variety of ways to create exciting Extracts. Everything from Hash to Live Resin and Full Spectrum Extracts are the results of hard work put in by ganja extraction technicians.

Those with a scientific mind will find success in this field.

Marijuana Growing Expert

There would be no cannabis industry without growing experts. Everything from cloning and sexing seedlings to managing an optimal growing and flowering cycle of cannabis plants is the responsibility of the growers.

Ensuring plants stay healthy and avoid pests and mold issues is a huge concern for growers. Some growers extend their work into genetic crossing to create new marijuana strains for dispensaries.

As long as the cannabis industry is intact, growers will always be in demand.

Weed Chef

A lot of health-conscious cannabis consumers want the benefits of weed without the smoke risks for their lungs. This is why there has been such a rise in the demand for pot-friendly chefs.

The ability to cook foods that taste good and have active cannabinoids is a special talent that will become more mainstream as the marijuana industry continues to grow.

Sweets and desserts are the main markets right now, but expanding to more than that will be the future for cannabis chefs.

Pot Product Quality Control

The ever-sought-after position of marijuana tester will be in demand for years to come. While Budtenders may overlap with this position, there will be a demand for weed quality control beyond front line dispensary workers.

As new cannabis extracts come out and new weed strains are developed, quality control testers will be there to test the products and ensure the goal effects are achieved.

Pot products from the same strains should be similar in flavor and aroma and the high should be the same as well. This all comes down to quality control experts.


A Budtender is just like a bartender in a weed dispensary. They are someone that the customers will ask for recommendations as a trustworthy resource in the industry.

There are multiple training programs available online for Budtenders, but ours here at Cannabis Training University will provide the tools and knowledge you need to land a job and succeed.

Weed Courier

Ride-share platforms exploded in popularity in recent years, and so has food delivery through those platforms. A similar surge will surface as weed delivery programs become more mainstream.

The future isn't full of dispensaries on every corner. There will also be a huge demand for experienced drivers with good driving records to deliver cannabis products to customers directly.

This isn't a position where you will be smoking ganja on the job!

Pot Processor

Harvesting, trimming, and curing bud is still a huge part of the end product. Specialists in this area will always be needed unless machines are invented that can replace the quality of work that a human can provide.

The look of high-quality flower can make or break a sale, so dispensaries know the importance of proper weed processing.

The better the products look, the more stable your career!

420 Dispensary Managers & Cashiers

While officers and Budtenders take the spotlight in the cannabis dispensary workplace, there is still a need for cashiers and shift supervisors, and managers. Budtenders may serve as supervisors and cashiers as well for now.

As 420 dispensaries continue to grow, the businesses will need employees to fill specific roles instead of being a do-it-all.

Cashier experience will help people land a job, even if it's outside the industry. It can be a good foot in the door to the marijuana industry.

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Those with managerial or supervisory experience will also have an advantage over other applicants and use it as a way to enter the pot industry.

Pot Packaging

Have you ever purchased something just because of stunning packaging? Everybody has! The same can be said for impressive packaging in the weed world.

Packaging experts will work to develop eye-catching designs to sway customers to purchase. These experts may have educational and professional experience in marketing in other industries but the principles stay the same for selling.

420 Security

Most marijuana dispensaries are required to have security. While this may not be the most glamorous of cannabis industry jobs, it's an important one and can be your way in as you gain education and experience to work your way up.

Landing Cannabis Industry Jobs

Finding 420 careers that pay well will require a good resume. Cannabis Training University has multiple weed training programs to help you land your dream job. All of these cannabis industry jobs will be exploding with growth in the coming years so it's time to get educated and find the right one for you!

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