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Top 5 Marijuana Career Opportunities Available in the Industry. Man trimmer cannabis plants.

Top 5 Cannabis Career Opportunities Available in the Industry


When the U.S. economy includes new industries, it opens up the opportunity for major benefits to the country including cannabis career opportunities. The marijuana industry is one of those industries that falls into this category. The cause of this is not only due to the actual industry growth and revenue increase.

However, when cannabis is legalized and becomes a part of the economy, it creates multiple job opportunities and cannabis career for people in these states. The medical marijuana industry requires regulators and support staff also. This means an influx of other marijuana jobs for people in locations where marijuana has been legalized.

The Specifics

Now, the question is what types of cannabis career opportunities are available in this industry? What is the pay level and how can one legally land a job in the marijuana industry? There are many opportunities in almost all the functions imaginable. In the past, several of these jobs had been isolated to the black market.

Legalization has indicated a switch in focus where qualified individuals are hired instead to do these jobs. Some of these jobs are more lucrative than others, but since the industry is only in its formative stage and not yet evolved to its full capacity, many of these positions show signs of paying well in the future. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Top 5 Cannabis Career Opportunities Available in the Industry

1. Cannabis Edible Creator

Many of the dispensaries sell cannabis edibles and so there is a need for edible creators to keep the inventory stocked. Edibles come in several variations.

As long as it can be infused by marijuana, it is sold as baked goods, coffee, candy, or even sodas. The edible industry is competitive and individuals working in this field have to be highly trained since THC levels are regulated and the product must be safe for consumption.


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2. Security

Security is significant in any industry, but due to the nature of the products involved in the marijuana industry, security is even more appropriate. You can work as a security guard at a local dispensary, protecting the dispensary from theft or vandalism.

3. Cannabis Trimmer

Colorado trimmer jobs are available to those interested. Trimming is important to the marijuana plant. A trimmer removes buds from the marijuana plant and chops off large leaves to reduce excess weight. This ensures that the customers receive the most out of the product for what they pay for.

4. Budtender

Wondering how to be a budtender in a medical marijuana dispensary? A budtender job is similar to a bartender. Instead of beverage, though, you will be dealing with buds. The budtender is the one that caters to the customer’s needs at the counter, offering wise advice and imparting knowledge about the various strains of cannabis, the concentrates and of course, the edibles.

5. Cannabis Grower

Do you want to know how to become a marijuana grower in Colorado? Whether you want to call it a farmer or grower, it is the same thing. You will work in the fields or in a grow tent, caring for the plant and making sure that it is void of pests and controlling temperature as well as harvesting the plant.


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