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What types of cannabis jobs are suited for extroverts? With the ongoing development of the legalization of marijuana, no wonder there are so many cannabis jobs being opened to aid those interested in starting a cannabis career. Now, it is easier to get a job in the marijuana industry, even when you are an extrovert. In fact, you should choose specific jobs that are suited to your personality as an extrovert. If you go into one of the cannabis jobs that require isolation, then you might fare well in comparison to choosing one that will afford you the opportunity to showcase your outgoing personality and use it to help medical patients who need your help. If you are socially prone to reaching out to others to help them, let us explore the right cannabis jobs that you should consider.

Top Cannabis Jobs for Extroverts

Marijuana Jobs for Extroverts

The Budtender

As a budtender, your responsibility is to be knowledgeable enough to know the various marijuana strains that you should recommend to patients with different kinds of medical conditions. However, this is not your only responsibility. You should have customer service capabilities where your focus should be satisfying and pleasing your customer. This might entail striking up conversations, listening to the customer's needs and going out of your way to let the customer know the best marijuana strain that is effective for their illness.

As a budtender, you have to also be a salesperson and a team player. You have to know about all the cannabis products and know how to explain them all to the customer in detailed descriptions. You must have the ability to be a storyteller, which means that you have to do a lot of talking at times, making suggestions and contributing in several ways to the success of the marijuana dispensary.

The Marijuana Delivery Person

If you are an extrovert, you would do well in one of the most popular cannabis jobs as a delivery person. Your job is going to be more outdoors where you have to move from place to place, delivering cannabis products to approved patients. Those marijuana deliveries are very important and so this kind of job requires you to pay attention to detail, ask questions, if you are not sure and know enough about the delivery area, even if you have to stop and ask for directions sometimes. You also have to be good at customer service because you may have to communicate with the customers in length during the delivery process.

The Tour Guide

The marijuana tourism industry is growing and many people are seeking cannabis jobs as tour guides in states where marijuana is now legal. This is a conversational job where you have to do a lot of talking, explaining the tour packages, the destination and details about the cannabis industry and in some cases, the cannabis product being showcased. There are many of these cannabis jobs in the state of Colorado and Washington. As a tour guide, you have to show interest in the customer, ensuring that they feel comfortable and satisfied with the tour. IN some cases, you have to go out of your way to make the customer the center of attention by continuously asking if they are OK. You must assume a leadership role because the tour participants are depending on you to give them the best tour experience that they ever had.

The Receptionist

Every marijuana dispensary will usually have a receptionist. This is not one of those cannabis jobs for the introverted person since it requires close contact with the customer. You may be the first person that the customer sees before anyone else. Your responsibility might involve administrative duties, but in most cases, the customer comes first.

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