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Cannabis jobs in America are growing at a very fast rate due to recent legalization in many states across the country.

More and more people are looking to break into the cannabis industry and give up their desk jobs.

Most people do not know where, what, how much, and how, when it comes to getting a cannabis job in America.

Where are the Cannabis Jobs in America?

When it comes to cannabis jobs in America, if the cannabis job seeker wishes to work directly with the cannabis plant, either in the production of or the sales of, these are the current states where those types of jobs are most commonly found:










-New Mexico



Rhode Island


The states with the best cultivation laws at this time for the home grower are California, Colorado, Oregon, Maine, and Michigan, although cannabis laws are always changing.

Possible Up and Coming States

Although the marijuana laws in each of these states are not yet determined as far as the future of cannabis businesses in them, these states currently have generated a lot of buzz when it comes to cannabis and the possibility of a large industry one day evolving there. Maybe they will someday be great cannabis states, maybe not?



-North Carolina



-Oklahoma (has been growing very quickly as of late)

Types of Cannabis Jobs

job next exit road sign, cannabis jobs in America
Cannabis Jobs in America

For those who want to work directly with marijuana, these are some of the most popular marijuana jobs.

-Budtender (A budtender is in charge of working with patients in a marijuana dispensary. Bud tenders recommend strains of cannabis for customers based on the customers medical conditions or their desired outcome from their cannabis experience.)


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-Cannabis Grower (Cannabis growers can make a very nice living in some states just from growing and legally selling their crop to patients or dispensaries. Some cannabis growers simply grow for their own supply of medicine, while others grow for huge commercial cultivation centers with many thousands of cannabis plants.)

Dispensary Manager (A dispensary manager is in charge of the day to day operations at a marijuana dispensary.)

-Edibles Chef (An edibles chef makes tasty cannabis treats by cooking with cannabis and selling them to dispensaries or patients.)

-Extraction Technician (Extraction technicians are in charge of performing cannabis extractions with machines that produce oil, shatter, wax, budder, or other forms of extractions that are sold to patients or dispensaries.)

-Cannabis Trimmer (Cannabis trimmers are responsible for trimming cannabis so it is ready to be sold. They often make up to $200 per pound of trimmed cannabis)

-Cannabis Delivery Driver (Some states do not allow cannabis delivery but they do in California and there are many drivers making a nice living out there)

Lesser Known Cannabis Jobs

The cannabis industry has created an endless array of marijuana job opportunities.

Not all cannabis jobs require working directly with cannabis.

Some of the best marijuana jobs out there are lesser known than others.

Those who are not privy to being in a cannabis state have not seen some of these other cannabis professions that have grown in popularity over the years:

-Cannabis Tour Company (Like a wine tour, but with cannabis)

-Cannabis Security  (Security can help with moving money around or guarding a grow or a dispensary location)

-Cannabis Lawyers  (They can help set up cannabis businesses and make sure the regulations have been followed as well as possible)

-Cannabis Doctors (They write cannabis recommendations so patients can legally obtain their cannabis)

-Cannabis Accountants  (The cannabis industry needs bookkeepers too!)

-Cannabis Credit Card Processors (With the difficulties the cannabis industry has had with getting federal approval, sometimes a good credit card processing company can come in handy)

-Cannabis Web Developers (There are some web developers that work solely with cannabis businesses)

-Cannabis Electricians  (There is a huge need for good electricians in the cannabis industry)

-Cannabis Marketing (Marketing and advertising in the cannabis industry has been difficult due to limitations from social media companies and browsers, opening up an opportunity for cannabis marketing companies)

-Cannabis Investment Firms (Many people who are looking to start a cannabis business are in need of money to get it started. These types of companies can help get things going)

-Cannabis Packaging Companies (Child proof packaging and other types of secure containers are always in need in the cannabis industry)

How to Get a Cannabis Job

If you are looking for a cannabis job, the best thing you can do is first get as educated as possible about all things cannabis.

Learn all about the history of cannabis. Learn how to grow cannabis, how to cook with cannabis, all the cannabis laws, how to start a cannabis business, where to invest in the cannabis industry, how to do cannabis extractions, how to be a budtender, cannabis business writing, and more if you want to be taken seriously by a cannabis business owner that is looking for applicants.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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Move to a state with cannabis businesses, or, if you do not want to relocate, think of businesses you can do from where you live that do not require working directly with the cannabis plant.

Put together a good cannabis resume and include all the certifications and cannabis education you received that makes you a good cannabis industry employee.

Pick your state, pick your job, and send your resume and proof of your cannabis education to as many employers as you can.

Find a good cannabis jobs board and submit your resume!

Be personable, likable, enthusiastic, honest, dependable, and punctual!

The cannabis industry is just like any other when it comes to wanting good, honest, hard working employees!

There has never been a better time to jump on the cannabis industry than now.

The future of marijuana in the United States looks bright.

Now is the time to get that cannabis education, put together that resume, and see what you can contribute to the most exciting industry in all of the USA.

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