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Cannabis jobs, Massachusetts and beyond, are growing quicker than they ever have. Opportunities for advancement are constantly popping up, so getting your foot in the door ASAP is the best way to establish credibility in the weed industry.

This article will show you more about the marijuana industry in Massachusetts and what 420-friendly jobs are available for you today!

Massachusetts Cannabis Industry

Massachusetts was ahead of the game in the United States for legalizing recreational cannabis use for adults. In 2008, it was decriminalized for possession. In 2012 medical marijuana was legalized. Then, in 2016, recreational cannabis use was legalized.

It became the 6th state to legalize recreational marijuana use (not including Washington D.C). Since then, gross revenue has topped $1 billion in the state!

More licenses are still being approved, allowing the economy to continue to grow. That means more demand for knowledgeable cannabis workers across the state. 

Finding an entry-level cannabis job in Massachusetts is easier than ever since there are so many available positions. Now is the time to get your foot in the door and start growing your weed career!

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Cannabis Job Qualifications

Gone are the days of knowing someone in the weed industry and easily landing a job. Nowadays, a reputable cannabis company wants applicants that are educated and experienced with cannabis products.

Acquiring respected training from places like Cannabis Training University will put you above other applicants right away. Also having work experience outside the marijuana industry that transfers to cannabis jobs in Massachusetts will help as well.

For example, a prospective Budtender with training from CTU and cashier experience will have a much better chance to land the job over other applicants!

Don't walk into an interview without sufficient knowledge of popular marijuana products and how they are used. This job market requires more knowledgeable employees than other entry-level positions. Luckily, the pay is better than most other industries for entry-level jobs as well. 

Top 4 Entry Level Cannabis Jobs In Massachusetts

These positions are the easiest to land in the weed industry and have ample opportunity for advancement. It's a good idea to set up job alert notifications from job boards that are free for job seekers.

This will ensure you apply quickly and have a higher chance of getting an interview since many people want to work in the growing Massachusetts marijuana industry.

Marijuana Sales Associates & Budtenders

This point of sale position will grow in opportunity as more cannabis dispensaries open around Massachusetts. Knowing cannabis accessories and the cannabis industry, in general, are non-negotiable skills that Budtenders need.

They are responsible for assisting customers with weed recommendations. Everything from recommending various marijuana strains, concentrates, and telling customers how they can effectively use all of the products in the dispensary is the responsibility of a high-quality Budtender.

CTU has a reputable training program for those interested in landing this 420-friendly position!

Marijuana Processors

Cannabis processing jobs will continue to be integral to dispensary success. Having products that are trimmed neatly and are presentable to customers can make or break the sale. Trimmers and other team member positions involved in processing will be one of the easier cannabis jobs in Massachusetts to land.

The majority of the training for this type of weed career is on-the-job. They are great for those who want to get established in the industry immediate and gain valuable experience as they continue getting educated and trained.

Having experience as a processor and combining it with higher-level training will ensure promotions and advancement opportunities in the future.

Cannabis Cultivation Specialists

Cloning, sexing, growing, and harvesting are all responsibilities of the marijuana cultivation team members.

While higher-level positions will require higher education and/or work experience, beginners can start as growing assistants and earn the experience to become master growers and cultivators.

Higher-level positions come with larger paychecks and more responsibility since growers are the ones producing all the cannabis products for dispensaries.

A passion for horticulture and plant biology, in general, will fit well in these positions.

Cannabis Packaging Technicians

Have you ever bought something in the store just because of its eye-catching design? This is the work of high-level packaging producers. These jobs are in demand in the cannabis industry. Products that catch the customer’s eye and convince them to purchase weed products are priceless to dispensaries!

Cannabis Packaging Technicians also handle weighing marijuana products with exact detail. Everything from package design to filling the package with processed marijuana will be handled by these technicians. 

Those with design experience and acute attention to detail will thrive in these positions. The growth potential is huge in this field as cannabis becomes legal in other states as well. There may be a time that exports become more common and the best packaging designers and technicians grow along with the cannabis industry itself.

How To Land The Job

Having a deep understanding and passion for cannabis is the basic requirement for the majority of positions in the weed business. Landing a job will be based on a combination of your work history, education, and passion for marijuana.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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Those who get high-quality marijuana training online from institutions like CTU will have a better chance of getting a position. That's why thousands of students have learned with us here at CTU!

When interviewing, be professional and respectable. Just like any other job, you have to show your knowledge and passion for the industry you are trying to work in. Get educated and practice your interview skills and you'll get a weed-friendly job in no time.

Get Prepared For Your Cannabis New Career!

Finding a career in the ever-expanding cannabis industry will be easier with proper training, like the programs offered here at Cannabis Training University. Staying on top of the most popular ganja products while refining your skills will enhance your chances to land cannabis jobs, Massachusetts and everywhere else!

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Jeff Zorn

Jeff Zorn, a collegiate basketball player, discovered the transformative power of medical cannabis after a significant injury. He founded Cannabis Training University (CTU), a groundbreaking institution dedicated to disseminating comprehensive information about the cannabis industry. With a team of skilled educators and faculty members, CTU has reached thousands of students worldwide. As an esteemed cannabis business expert, Jeff regularly contributes thought-provoking articles online, providing invaluable guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs. CTU has grown from a single student in 2009 to a global phenomenon with over 80,000 students.

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