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If you're interested in joining the cannabis workforce, check out our guide on the top cannabis jobs.

Top Cannabis Jobs

1. Cannabis Cultivation Jobs

Cannabis farms are the lifeforce of the industry. All flower and derivative products start off as seeds. Small-batch and large-scale cultivation facilities are always looking for growing assistants, trimmers, and other cultivation workers to keep plants healthy and flowering.

As more dispensaries open and state programs start-up in 2023, the need for cannabis cultivation will increase. If you want to work in the cannabis fields, you must know the proper growing techniques and how to manage the equipment, which varies by growing environment.

2. Cannabis Retail Jobs

In the 2022 election, Maryland and Missouri approved recreational cannabis. While some programs can take years to get off the ground, Maryland has already launched their recreational program and Missouri is expected to start in mid 2023.

Medical and recreational dispensaries can employ up to a dozen employees (or more) in customer service, administrative, inventory, quality assurance, and security positions. Regardless of your job, all retail employees must have strong customer service skills.

Budtenders, in particular, must be extremely knowledgeable about products, strains, and their medicinal uses. Only then, can budtenders educate customers and help them make an informed purchase for their wellness needs.

3. Marijuana Dispensary Cannabis Jobs

At the head of retail operations, a dispensary manager manages the day-to-day operations of a dispensary. With the rise of recreational retail in 2023, management positions will be in high demand, especially for those with previous management and retail experience.

Managers must display exceptional leadership skills to keep employees happy, productive, and compliant with state regulations. In addition, managers must meet monthly sales goals and track inventory and profits.

4. Cannabis Extractor Jobs

In 2023, cannabis extraction will keep gaining a greater market share over traditional flower products. In many medical-only states, smokable cannabis products are prohibited. Not to mention, many health-conscious consumers are turning toward edibles, topicals, and tinctures for a healthier alternative to smoking.

Cannabis extraction jobs require special training, science degrees, and laboratory experience. Technicians use flammable solvents and operate high-pressure systems, all under strict fire and building codes. One wrong move could lead to an explosive disaster.

Because of the inherent danger of working in a lab, technical skill required, and high demand for concentrates, extraction jobs can earn some of the highest salaries in the industry.

5. Marijuana Delivery Driver Jobs

In 2023, we expect delivery driver jobs to keep rising. As some states declare stricter distancing measures, medical patients and recreational users will continue to rely on the convenience and safety of ordering online for home delivery.

6. Human Resources Cannabis Jobs

An increase in cannabis employment will require a reliable human resources team to find talent. Human resource coordinators are in charge of screening applicants, setting up interviews, and onboarding new employees.

In a world where most new entrants into the industry don’t have direct cannabis experience, HR must sift through resumes and cover letters to find a team member that fits the bill. Cannabis industry certification is an increasingly acceptable form of education for job applicants. 

7. Cannabis Infrastructure Management Jobs

In order to scale operations, businesses need the proper infrastructure management team to increase profits and decrease losses. From accountants to inventory managers to IT support, staying accountable for financial and supply chain data is critical.

As an expert in your field, you’ll help business owners oversee certain business operations to remain compliant. These marijuana jobs can work in-house or as an ancillary service. In 2023, managing the back-end of infrastructure operations will be top of mind.

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Cannabis Industry Certification For Cannabis Jobs

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As unemployment rates rise due to the pandemic, some sectors of the cannabis industry continue to hire at a fast-pace for entry-level and advanced positions.

Cannabis was already the fastest-growing industry in the nation. In 2023, industry growth will continue at a blazing fast speed. 2023 and beyond will see an explosion in cannabis jobs.

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Updates to Cannabis Laws & Job Market

In both the US and Canada, the cannabis employment industry is anticipated to increase significantly by 2026.

In total, thousands of people are employed in the legal marijuana industry in a range of vocations, from entry-level jobs to senior positions in the C-suite.

Cannabis-related occupations are predicted to pay well, with some estimates indicating that even entry-level cannabis positions can earn more than $50,000 annually.

Depending on the sector and type of work, earnings for seasoned professionals and those with advanced degrees can approach six figures.

Salary packages are likely to be further honed and improved as the business develops and matures as employers fight for top personnel.

Depending on the requirements of each unique business or organization, there are a wide variety of cannabis occupations available.

Dispensary worker or manager, budtender, trimmer, extractor, grower, compliance specialist, edibles maker, marketer, salesperson, researcher & development scientist, lab technician, quality assurance tester, software engineer/developer, accountant/bookkeeper/cashier, delivery driver, security guard/specialist, and more are typical positions.

For new enterprises aiming to profit from niche markets in this expanding industry, there are certainly lots of entrepreneurial prospects.

C-suite executives will be in charge of creating plans that direct a company's operations and handle legal issues across numerous jurisdictions in the US and Canada at the highest levels.

Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Chief Operating Officers (COOs), Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), Chief Scientific Officers (CSOs), and others may be among these executives. C-suite executives in this sector need to be highly knowledgeable about state laws governing the use and sale of cannabis in addition to having strong strategic skills.

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They also need to have experience managing a highly regulated supply chain from seed to sale tracking systems, which are mandated by many governments around the world.

Regarding international efforts to legalize cannabis, Uruguay was one of the first nations to do so in 2013, followed by Canada in 2018, which allowed for federal regulation around the commercialization of adult-use marijuana products throughout its provinces, creating special opportunities for global expansion among businesses willing to invest early in this budding but dynamic industry.

Additionally, some Latin American nations, like Colombia, have made significant strides toward liberalizing their medical marijuana regulations, while other countries, like South Africa, are starting to investigate progressive laws that could eventually enable full-scale legalization, giving businesses across a variety of sectors, like banking, ancillary services, technology, entertainment, etc., direct access into these jurisdictions' respective markets and increasing job prospects!

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