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One of the best things we can hear from our students – current, former, and future – is a story of accomplishment.

Here is a CTU alumni spotlight on a Danielle Meyers.

Whether it’s opening their first cannabis company, landing their first cannabis job, or simply completing their studies and earning their Master of Cannabis certification, these stories of student achievement are what keep us working hard each and every day.

One such story: that of Danielle Meyers, a CTU alumni who’s taking her first bold steps into the cannabis industry with certification and her own professional communications career to stand on.

We first read about her story through her blog post on HeyHelloHigh, and knew we needed to get in touch with Meyers directly to learn a bit more about her learning process, her plans for the future, and what it means to have the best online cannabis education under her belt as she looks toward a career in the cannabis industry.

Turning A Hobby Into A Career Move

One of the most interesting aspects of Meyers’s time as a CTU student was her plan to not only change career focus, but change location – and that meant preparing for a move halfway across the world alongside a move into a new line of work.

Having worked in a number of positions across Tel Aviv – including spots at an international branding agency and a fledgling startup – Meyers decided it was time to head back stateside and find a new way to make a living. With several months at her parents’ home to figure things out, she began looking for a new direction – and found it in cannabis.

“I had seen the changes in legalization taking place across the US, and being a fan of cannabis myself, I decided to jump into the industry – but I knew I needed some training first,” said Meyers. “After doing some research on cannabis schools, it quickly became clear that CTU offered the most value, depth and breadth of information, and access to information at my own pace, and so I got started from there.”

The Right Training from a Trusted Source

Although each CTU student receives access to all of our courses for twelve weeks, Meyers completed her intensive studies in just about 2 weeks – an impressive task, and one that set her up for success in the cannabis industry right from the very beginning.

“I was no stranger to cannabis, and had experience with its basic effects,” she said, reflecting on the learning process. “What really stood out to me was the deeper knowledge of the industry that I wasn’t yet fluent with- including current cannabis laws, the ‘why’ behind the chemical effects of cannabis, and things like terpenes and flavor profiles. I was captivated by the information, and my studying really went full-steam ahead.”

Just a few weeks (and one full notebook) later, Meyers had finished all of our six cannabis courses and earned herself an official CTU Master of Cannabis certification. As a CTU alumni, she was now ready to take that next step into finding the right position – and there’s never been a better time than the present to do just that.

A Great Time To Join The Industry

For those alumni looking to land a job in the cannabis industry, competition can be tight – but having the right training (and the right certification to prove it) can be the factor that sets you apart from the crowd.

For Meyers, this means putting her knowledge of cannabis right up front. As a communicator, content writer, and creative branding and marketing professional, Meyers knows full-well the value in showing off what you know – and, of course, being able to back it all up with expert knowledge.

“I think there’s an incredible opportunity right now for people to make this cannabis movement a positive thing, and to make their mark on it – that it’s not just a bunch of stoners, but a collection of talented professionals looking to make a positive change,” said Meyers. “By really understanding cannabis and the cannabis industry, I’m hoping to help create change in my own, unique way.”

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For anybody looking to work with a smart, knowledgeable cannabis-trained pro like Danielle, we’d suggest checking out her website for a deeper look at what she’s doing with her CTU training – and why we’re so inspired to see students like her put their skills to such good use.

Ready to start your own cannabis training? Check out our online cannabis course catalog, complete with everything you need to know to jumpstart your cannabis career. When you’re ready, hop over to our enrollment page and start your cannabis education today!

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Jeff Zorn, a collegiate basketball player, discovered the transformative power of medical cannabis after a significant injury. He founded Cannabis Training University (CTU), a groundbreaking institution dedicated to disseminating comprehensive information about the cannabis industry. With a team of skilled educators and faculty members, CTU has reached thousands of students worldwide. As an esteemed cannabis business expert, Jeff regularly contributes thought-provoking articles online, providing invaluable guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs. CTU has grown from a single student in 2009 to a global phenomenon with over 80,000 students.

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