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Looking for a cannabis job in Colorado?

Then you are one of many trying to get in the booming marijuana industry.

Colorado has one of the most robust economies in the United States, and it's no wonder why. Not only is it the dream home to outdoor hikers, mountain climbers and other adventurers, it's also a part of the new economy that has developed as marijuana prohibition has begun to die its slow death.

Paired with a love of the outdoors and a passion for community, it's a place that many people choose to call home.

Because marijuana is legal in Colorado, it's also home to many entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry, slated for tremendous growth over the next few years as more states decriminalize marijuana.

Colorado was the first to legalize marijuana for all adults, it is also at the forefront of marijuana-related products, edibles and other retail sales. These businesses have also, in some cases, been able to expand to other states adopt new marijuana laws.

For many marijuana enthusiasts, a cannabis job is a dream job. But when you're new to the industry, you will face a lot of competition for that dream job. How can you, too, find and get the cannabis job of your dreams in Colorado?

What Kind of Cannabis Industry Jobs Are Available?

Not unlike other industries, the Colorado cannabis industry is a full-fledged industry, with many roles within each part of the business. Some of these marijuana jobs will require an advanced degree or hands-on experience. Others will be entry-level positions; the kind of 420 jobs that can help you get a foot in the door.

For every batch of cannabis or edible, there is an entire farm that creates the initial cannabis. For every product that is edible or consumable, there is packaging, marketing, and quality assurance before it goes out for sale. There are even jobs that are available for marijuana inspection.

Marijuana producers must clip and weigh the marijuana before it goes to retailers or other marijuana businesses. Many different business functions take place, all in a day's work.


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There are highly technical positions that require advanced science degrees, such as positions that involve creating extracts and concentrates. There are also simple baking positions for the edibles industry and retail positions such as cashiers selling bongs and pipes.

Budtenders help customers choose their favorite strains of weed or explore different edibles. Many opportunities also exist for positions such as couriers and delivery services at businesses that primarily serve medical marijuana patients.

Every part of the medical marijuana industry, from production to the sale, involves many people doing different tasks. If you're looking for a job, that's great news; it may take a bit of work, but there's probably a place for you in this new industry.

Standing Out as a Job Applicant in Colorado's Cannabis Industry

Depending on what cannabis job in Colorado you apply for, you may end up facing some stiff competition. While the marijuana industry has a reputation for being a bit more laid back than others, make sure you're really prepared to look professional. Don't show up in jeans and a t-shirt for your interview. (Khakis and a button-up will do just fine.)

Make sure you have a professional-looking resume that includes at least two references. When you submit your resume, make sure you write a unique cover letter that explains how your skills fit the position and any other relevant experience you have.

If you're really looking to stand out on your resume and want a cannabis job in Colorado, consider adding a credential to your resume that shows you're serious about working in the industry. If you're really serious about learning consider earning a certificate or credential in the industry.

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Building a cannabis resume, becoming a master of thc at a university, and getting a marijuana certification are all guaranteed ways to increase your likelihood of starting a cannabis career.

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