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How To Become A Marijuana Industry Lawyer. Book titled Federal And State Marijuana Laws

How To Become A Cannabis Industry Lawyer

As with any other profession like an accountant or physician, the cannabis industry lawyer has to be licensed in order to practice. If you aspire to be an attorney in the cannabis industry, you have to complete an undergraduate degree at an accredited university. You also have to get a law degree from a reputable law school.

In addition, you have to pass the bar exam within the state where you will open a law firm or practice law. While it is one thing to graduate from a law school and pass the bar exam, you also have to choose your field of practice and if it happens to be the cannabis industry, you have to study the laws and regulations that define and run this industry. Make no mistake that the cannabis industry has complex nuances and ever-changing guidelines that you have to keep up with, if you want to be a quality lawyer.

The Challenge

The cannabis industry lawyer has to keep up with the cannabis laws and this could be a challenge, especially, if it is not done, there could be compliance issues that could lead to a loss of your license. It is best to begin your quest for becoming a cannabis industry lawyer by learning from others in your field. The Internet has a lot of information to get you connected to a reputable lawyer. Once you make the contact, just let the attorney know that you are new to the field and needed someone with experience to guide you in maintaining a successful cannabis dispensary business. Most attorneys are busy, but will oblige as long as their time isn't consumed doing so. It would be more ideal to begin your legal profession in a cannabis law firm. In such case, you will receive more guidance from the experienced attorneys in that law firm.

The Benefits

There are benefits to getting into the cannabis industry as an attorney. Your client base will gradually expand as you continue to practice law. There are not many lawyers in this field, but as cannabis becomes legalized in more states, your services will be heavily sought. Many clients in the industry will have a wide variety of legal needs and so you can specialize so that your services are more sought after. The sky's the limit to the kinds of legal issues you can litigate to enhance your reputation.

Additional Practice Areas

In the same way that entertainment law requires an incorporation of additional practice areas such as administrative law, business law, criminal law, intellectual property, tax law and employment law. It is recommended that you join a firm that also specializes in business law. You have to learn really quickly about the federal government's stance on the criminalization of cannabis. You also have to understand that this has nothing to do with the medical value of cannabis. As the cannabis industry makes the transition from a rebellious underground culture to a profitable and lawful industry, you have to parse your beliefs and accept the fact that the industry is real and not going anywhere soon. You also have to be aware of the black market and the risk and threat it can pose to the cannabis industry.

Obtain Information

Learn as much as you can about the cannabis industry, looking at both sides; that of advocates and their opponents. Discover the benefits of cannabis and how it positively affects those who are in need of alternative treatment. Understand the cannabis plant, its history, processes of extraction, compounds contained, commonly used lingo and everything about the growing cycle and the cannabis sale. Last, but more importantly, learn as much as possible about the laws that govern the state where you practice law.

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