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When you own and operate a cannabis business, you still need to keep up to date with all the laws and regulations associated with the marijuana industry. Many of these legal ramblings could be confusing to any business person, especially when you are new to the weed industry.

For that reason, many cannabis business owners are forced to hire someone to work in specific positions pertaining to rules and regulations and this includes cannabis accounting jobs. Some business owners will consider full time employees or opt for a consultant. Regardless, these positions are essential to keeping the laws and maintaining the required protocol.

Getting your Foot in the Door

The position of cannabis accounting is essential to not only interact with vendors and secure partnerships, but also to make sure that guidelines are met an carried out. The CPA that is hired will ensure that the company is up to par with their books so that it does not violate these guidelines. If you have experience as a CPA, then a cannabis accounting job would be great for you.

The Experience

Not only should you have experience, but you should also be professionally certified with a physical certificate to show proof. If you currently work as an accounting consultant, you could offer your services on a flexible level and then make the transition to a full time staff, especially, if you will be working with a new startup business. You should be versed in accounting software programs. You should be able to conduct regular audits to keep the accounting process well maintained.

Other Qualifications

You should have passed an accounting or CPA test and be able to manage the finances of any cannabis business. You should be familiar with the payroll process, inventory, billing, collections and accounts payable and receivable. While you do not have to have a college degree, you still have to pass the CPA test and hold a certificate. This cannot be stressed enough. To find a job in cannabis accounting, check out cities in Colorado, California and Washington.

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