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Social media technology has allowed more people to accept the legalization of cannabis. The marijuana culture has gotten to unprecedented levels in the mainstream and has started a discussion and received media attention; more so than ever. Marijuana has become prevalent, even in places where it is not yet legalized, recreationally and medically.

Its popularity in our culture has made it possible for people to get a cannabis modeling job, if they are interested in fashion. For those who want to land a cannabis modeling job, the possibilities are endless because of social media, the growing industry and an interest to intertwine fashion with marijuana. You may be wondering how this is possible. Let us discuss.

The Generation

As it stands now, we have a generation of models who are not shy to admit that they use marijuana recreationally and so they wear their lifestyles on T-shirts and other types of apparel. Cannabis has even become an inspiration to fashion designers and so runway shows are not including cannabis modeling. Businesses are using it in their ad campaigns too. Let's now take a keener look at marijuana in fashion.

The Fashion Industry

First, we need to understand where cannabis stands in the fashion industry. Well, it first starts with T-shirts that are screen printed to include the marijuana plant and wording that represent and advertise the cannabis industry. To get a cannabis modeling job, you will have to be comfortable with the idea of donning apparels that tout marijuana.

Many people know Alexander Wang as high fashion designer and he did not hold back in making history with his 2016 Spring and Summer ‘ready to wear' clothing line where cannabis was featured in some of his dramatic pieces. This was something new to high fashion but it happened and so you can become a part of it by getting a cannabis modeling job in one of these instances.

The Celebrity Acceptance

Some of your favorite celebrities and fashionistas have also embraced cannabis by regularly wearing apparel openly to show their support for marijuana. One such celebrity is Rihanna. Brands such as Adidas and HUF are popularizing the cannabis inspiration by taking fashion to a whole new level. So, there you see, marijuana is being accepted in the fashion world, opening up opportunities for people who love fashion and weed.

The Brand Ambassador

As a model, you will be showing off clothing made by fashion designers and sold by companies. In other words, you will be a representative of the apparel and your responsibility will be like a walking advertisement for a company brand or product.

You can work as a brand ambassador or promotional model. As a brand ambassador for cannabis modeling, you may have to interact with the potential customer by social media or person to person. This will give a face to what the company is trying to promote. You may be asked to perform in fashion shows, but the main aim is to make sales, engage and be assertive on behalf of the company.

Marijuana Legalization

The legalization of marijuana has made it easier to become a cannabis model. As more people are accepting this trend, your job in cannabis modeling becomes easier. You will be able to reach a wider demographic and people from all walks of life. This is a well paid gig. Some companies will offer a short term contract and some will take you on full time, paying you hourly wages. However, you will have consistent work over time.

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Summary of Cannabis Modeling

So, to get a cannabis modeling job, you must be open to becoming a brand ambassador, social media model, fashion model or commercial model. The pay scale is different for all of these positions. Learn more about getting a cannabis job by visiting the Cannabis Training University, the leading weed college.

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