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Florida is known as the sunshine state. Since the 2016 elections, voters have chosen to vote for a cannabis legislation, which has been adopted by the state ever since. However, recreational cannabis has not made its way to the legislature yet; only medical marijuana use, which is available through a comprehensive program. For that reason, though, anyone can land one of the available cannabis jobs in the state of Florida. If you have no experience or knowledge of the cannabis industry, you can still get a job, if you enroll in an online training program like the Cannabis Training University or CTU.

Passing the Laws

Since the passage of marijuana laws on the south east and west coast and with more states joining in, Americans are slowly accepting the laws and the idea that marijuana has benefits and can add tax revenue to the states where it has been made legal. Florida, like those other states is opening up the door to dispensaries, products and marijuana grow operations. It is safe to say that the state of Florida will soon be a melting pot for marijuana industry growth and development for the few years to come.

The Opportunities

Cannabis careers are now providing opportunities for more people across the state of Florida. However, these opportunities will only be in the medical arena for now. But, there is a potential for Florida to grow into a large medical cannabis market. In fact, the state of Florida could prove to be a huge factor as it relates to the de-stigmatization of weed and reducing the power that drug companies have over the residents of Florida.

The Breakdown

In the states that have legalized weed, there are obvious and evident shifts that are occurring in the job market. Most candidates for these cannabis jobs will search for positions that have them interacting with products and the actual cannabis plant. This is a benefit since the cannabis businesses that exist will definitely need ongoing support to reap success. Some of these cannabis jobs will include working in a dispensary as a budtender, manager, security, sales assistance and greeter.

Cannabis Dispensaries

The dispensaries fall into the distribution segment of the cannabis industry. And so medical cannabis patients get to go to their local dispensaries to choose and buy their products for their qualifying conditions. With the help of the manager or budtender the patient is able to learn what to expect from the various products and how to consume each using various methods of consumption. Therefore, if you want to land one of the cannabis jobs in the state of Florida, the best place to start is in a dispensary. You would have so much to offer. However, you must have knowledge of the different cannabis strains and what each strain does in terms of treatment for the patients. Most marijuana dispensary owners hire entry level staff, but you can grow with the company and be promoted to more significant jobs that pay more.


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Marijuana Caregiver

As the state of Florida is specifically geared towards providing medical marijuana and not recreational marijuana, you can seek to become a caregiver. This is one of the cannabis jobs that allow you to provide patients with their cannabis cards. You are even allowed to transport and grow weed for your patients. In other words, you would act as the liaison between the patient and their marijuana medication.

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Tourism Industry

The state of Florida attracts a lot of tourists every year, just the way that Colorado and Washington does since the legalization of weed. One of the cannabis jobs in Florida is a tour guide. However, if there are no opportunities for that right now, you can become an organizer where you help tourists to find the right accommodations.  The future is bright for the state of Florida and more cannabis jobs will be created in a few years to come. Learn more about how you can get marijuana training to get into a cannabis career by visiting the Cannabis Training University.