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The cannabis industry and its different sub-sectors, including cultivation, processing, manufacturing, and retail can make a great career. What are the proper steps on how to make a cannabis career change?

To better understand the market and find potential career options, read industry publications, go to conferences and expos, and network with people in the field.

Tips on How to Make a Cannabis Career Change

Determine Your Hobbies and Skills

Take into account how you can use your current knowledge, expertise, and interests in the cannabis market.

Consider a job in cannabis branding or advertising, for instance, if you have experience in marketing. If you have customer service experience a budtender would be a great fit.

Improve Your Internet Profile and Resume

Include your relevant experience and abilities in your updated resume and online profiles. To exhibit your knowledge and network with other professionals in the field, think about setting up a LinkedIn page or other business-related social media profiles.

Get Pertinent Cannabis Education and Certifications

Depending on the job route you pick, you might need to acquire extra education or certificates. Think about signing up for a cannabis-specific training program or enrolling in relevant classes at a nearby college or university.

CTU's Master of Cannabis Program is an accredited comprehensive program to prepare you for a cannabis job.

Cannabis Job Applications

Submit your resume for cannabis-related positions that match your qualifications, experience, and interests. Search for employment openings on corporate websites or on job forums that are unique to your field.

Cannabis Industry Networking

To grow your network and discover new career prospects, attend industry events, join professional organisations, and engage with individuals in the industry.

MJbizcon is a great networking event for the cannabis industry.

Think About Going Into Business for Yourself

Think about opening your own cannabis-related company. The industry is expanding quickly, therefore there may be prospects to start a profitable business. But before starting, make sure to look into local cannabis business laws and regulations.

It's crucial to keep up with industry advancements and to be open to new opportunities as they present themselves because the cannabis market is one that is continually growing.

Will working in the cannabis industry hurt my career?

No, it can't hurt your career. It gives you a chance to highlight your accomplishments in the industry.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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Is the cannabis industry a good career?

Cannabis job growth increased by over 30% in 2022. There are 100's of newer markets that are having time finding candidates with cannabis education, that means people with accredited cannabis training move up faster.

What careers are there in cannabis?

There are many jobs that work directly with the plant like growing, testing, dispensary agent, trimming, and many more. And there are many jobs that do not work directly with the plant; medical cannabis doctor, writer, marketing/advertising, customer service, content creator and many more.

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