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Thanks to the increased legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana, the thought of opening a dispensary can be tempting. Starting, owning, and operating a dispensary can be a lucrative career that lasts a lifetime.

However, there are many intricacies to the process making it very complicated. Legalities, licenses, and changing legislation requires both money and carefully executed planning every step of the way.

An individual looking to open a dispensary can expect to make an excellent living if they open and operate it correctly. To do this requires extensive knowledge to execute. Opening a dispensary may be the greatest economic opportunity at present, and the time, investment, research, and training required will be well worth the effort.

How to Open a Dispensary (Updated 2023)

Step 1 – Study and Plan

Where you decide to open your dispensary will determine many of the details that must be fully understood and followed. Laws vary among states that have legalized marijuana, as well as the county and city in which it exists.

First, research the areas of preference and determine which would be best suited for your unique operation. Consider any zoning laws, learn which permits are required, and understand any additional documents or requirements for your chosen location.

Also, find out if you are suited or will be allowed to open a dispensary. Many of the legal marijuana states will not grant permits to those who have committed a felony or have drug-related charges in their history.

Opening a dispensary in any location currently involves some risk. Since marijuana is illegal at the federal level and is legalized at a state level, federal charges can occur if the operator is not following the intricate laws completely.

Step 2 – Know How to Grow Cannabis

marijuana plants in the early stages, how to open a dispensary

Starting a dispensary may be your dream career. However, if you do not possess the knowledge and skill to expertly grow marijuana you may find it difficult to succeed. Most dispensaries grow marijuana at their location, and in some states it is even required.

So, you can either become an expert at growing marijuana or find someone who is. Whether you choose to hire someone, partner with someone or go at it alone, a vast knowledge of how to grow is critical.

Step 3 – Seek Legal Assistance

As we’ve mentioned, the legalities involved in marijuana and opening a dispensary are very complex. Make sure you consult with an experienced attorney before you set up shop to make sure you are fully within the law.

The lawyer can help you obtain any cannabis permits and meet any regulations. Also, it is wise to have a cannabis lawyer you trust after you begin to provide counsel and representation should any legal issues arise.

Step 4 – Understand Business

A marijuana dispensary is a business and must be run like one. From creating a business plan to securing investors, it is important you understand what it takes to operate your own business.

Along with licenses and permits, your business will need to be recognized by the state and registered. Tax implications and reporting practices may be regulated and because of legalities your dispensary may be a prime target for an audit. Seek professional advice, hire an accountant, and understand all that owning a marijuana business entails.

Step 5 – Open a Dispensary

This step is highly related to step four in that it can be considered part of knowing how to begin and operate a business. Choose a location and decide if it would be better to rent or purchase a building. Make sure any local ordinances are followed.

Work to have a respectable and professional image. If you have followed the steps and fully understand how to start a dispensary, how to grow marijuana, and how to run a cannabis business, you will be on your way to a satisfying and rewarding career.

Learning the Ropes of Opening a Dispensary

Opening a dispensary clearly requires significant knowledge of intricate details in a range of applications. It can seem overwhelming and discourage some from following their dream. However, the knowledge needed is available.

Cannabis Training University offers a comprehensive Marijuana Master Certificate Program that will provide the foundation of knowledge necessary to open a dispensary. An entire course in the program is dedicated to learning how to successfully open and operate a marijuana dispensary.

The program will also teach you how to grow marijuana, how to navigate the laws and regulations, and so much more. If you are truly passionate about opening a marijuana dispensary, your first and best step is to consider Cannabis Training University. Getting certified at the premier cannabis training institute is a wise choice.

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