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How to Secure Employment in the Marijuana Industry. A man holding cannabis plant in palm.

How to Secure Employment in the Cannabis Industry

Good news for those seeking cannabis employment: the United States has had additional states joining in the growth of the cannabis industry. For example, in the November 2018 midterm election, the Michigan voters agreed that cannabis was useful in treating various ailments and voted their approval at the ballot for medical cannabis. While not all North Dakota voters did not yet accept this as true, many believe that we are closer to full cannabis legalization by 2021 than we ever thought before.

The Landing

For that reason, there are a lot of prospect for people to land jobs in the cannabis industry. The new cannabis legalization means that people are open to the idea that not only does cannabis help people with chronic illnesses, but also it opens up job opportunities for many others. In addition, it also creates business ideas and opportunities for entrepreneurs who may be interested into getting into the cannabis industry. If you want to secure employment in an industry that is quite new in terms of legalization and you live in a state that has already legalized weed, then you have a better chance to do so. Let's look at how you can get involved.

Becoming a Trimmer

There are different job opportunities for you to consider. For one, if you are new to the cannabis industry, then you might want to start out as a trimmer where you work longer hours each day to prepare the cannabis plant for its next phase. This is one of the entry level jobs that you could assume, if you are new to weed or if you have no experience. You don't need a college degree to do so either. All you have to do is to approach the owners of a cannabis grow operation and simply ask for employment. It is that simple.

The Advocate

If you know enough about cannabis and you were always advocating for legalization, then you would be perfect as a cannabis advocate. However, you still have to be aware of the laws governing your state since they are constantly changing and you have to stay abreast of them. As an advocate, you have to probably collaborate with attorneys and other advocates who may be pushing for new legislatures. It is an opportunity to let your voice to be heard and to advocate on behalf of the populous. It is a time-consuming affair, but in the end when legislation is approved, it is quite fulfilling and you would have made your mark in society.


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The Dispensary Owner

As a cannabis dispensary owner, you must have drive and determination to succeed. To get into this part of the cannabis industry, you have to obtain a license first. You also have to get a good business location. It would be ideal to know a lot about the cannabis products including strains that you will be including on your menu. It is advised that you obtain training first from a reputable online cannabis training school. Becoming a dispensary owner is no small feat. You have to do your research in advance and be prepared with the skills and knowledge necessary to know the law and know what you are doing.

The Cannabis Grower

The cannabis industry also makes room for the cannabis grower, but in this case, you also have to know about the cannabis plant and all the successful steps required in growing it. As a grower, you can choose to grow weed outdoors or indoors. Be aware that the indoor grow operation will require more financing since you have to use high powered lighting for hours at a time. If you have good climate and good soil where you are, then you may be able to consider the cheaper route, which is outdoor growing.

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Final Summary

If you have experience such as being a lawyer, scientist, researcher, web designer, security analyst or educator, then you can use your working experience that you have acquired over the years to be an asset to the cannabis industry.

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