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The Cannabis Training University is an industry institution offering training to prospective cannabis workers. It is a known fact that the 420 job market is growing in leaps and bounds, whether in the state of California or other states which have already legalized marijuana. There are many people who are scared of the DEA and its strict federal laws. And for that reason, they fear working a 420 job. However, it should be made clear that the federal government by law is not supposed to prosecute anyone if they legally cultivate and distribute medical cannabis. So, you can now feel safe about working in the cannabis industry and landing a 420 job in states that have legalized marijuana.

Being Employed

Many cannabis workers are usually grateful for their 420 job and most are very happy about being employed. For those who love to work in an office cubicle or work 9 to 5, this might not be the answer, especially if you are content to being in a job that is just a paycheck. Landing a 420 job can be one of the most rewarding opportunities for someone who wants to make a difference. The opportunities are endless and for that reason, the cannabis industry is pulling individuals from various professional capacities, giving them new challenges of working in a different environment.

The Different Jobs

If you are seeking a 420 job and you have never worked in the cannabis industry before, you are on the right path since the industry has seen enormous growth in just a few years after legalization. The Cannabis Training University or CTU has their own 420 job board that you can access to find jobs in these fields:

  • Trimmer
  • Store Manager
  • Budtender
  • Sales Manager
  • Edible Packaging
  • Sales Rep
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Concentrate packaging
  • Grow Assistance
  • Inventory Manager
  • HR Coordinator
  • Marijuana Grow Operator
  • Patient Specialist


Here are some companies that are hiring for a 420 job in California. You can contact the companies by visiting their website for a phone number or the hyperlink to apply.

Safe Capitol Compassion in Sacramento, California

Safe Capitol Compassion Cooperative is located n Sacramento, California. They are always looking for experienced budtenders. The person that will be considered should have a high level of customer service, be very friendly, patient, and clean with a good attitude and personality. They must have a good knowledge of various marijuana strains and cannabis products. The person must be able to read the scale when weighing marijuana for sale.

Capitol Compliance Management

Capitol Compliance Management is also located in the state of California and is a management company, specializing exclusively in the marijuana industry. The company usually has immediate need for all types of positions. You can land a 420 job such as a packager, budtender, sales managers, product sales representatives and delivery drivers.

Harvest Bloom

Harvest Bloom has several locations in California namely Mission, San Francisco and Richmond Districts. The company is popular because of its curated cannabis products, unique smoking lounges and its open shopping arrangement. Check out the website for any inventory management opening.

The Green is Serene

The Green Is Serene takes pride in its cannabis product delivery to medical cannabis patients living in and around the city of Sacramento and its surrounding areas. The company offers high and low level careers and any 420 job you might be interested in.

Next Big Crop in Sacramento, California

The Next Big Crop is a publicly traded company located in California but has its headquarters in the state of Colorado. The company is always seeking people with extensive agricultural background and cultivation and greenhouse experience.

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Cura CS LLC in Sacramento, California

Cura CS, LLC is a major cannabis oil company located in California. They usually seek people who are passionate, yet professional about the cannabis industry. You can start at an entry level position and work your way up. The company wants candidates for their 420 job that are bright, easy to learn, talented and driven.

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