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The legal marijuana market has seen much growth in the most recent years. It has improved the economy for the states that have legalized cannabis. The future also seems bright for the cannabis industry because more states have been added to the legalization of marijuana and many expect that the number will grow in the next several years. It is not surprising that the growth is rapid and for that reason, many people are seeking cannabis jobs. Here are 5 steps to looking for a job or career in the cannabis industry.

1. Get Prepared

Be prepared for the competition as many other people who are new to the cannabis industry may be trying to do the same thing as you. To stay ahead of the pack, make sure you schedule as many interviews as you can. Prepare for the interviews as much as possible. Have someone help you sharpen your communication and interview skills, if necessary.

2. Conduct Research

To land a job in the cannabis industry, be sure to conduct extensive research. Start reading everything you can about the job itself and the industry as well. Sign up as a member on various website related to cannabis industry, read their blog and sign up for their newsletter. Familiarize yourself with the writings of Jorge Cervantes and Ed Rosenthal, Master of Marijuanas and authors. Speak to professionals in the industry, attend a conference, and network with people in the marijuana industry on social media.

3. Learn The Industry

Many people start at an entry-level position such as a trimmer to get their foot in the door of the marijuana industry if they don't have formal training and certification. They can then move into a career as a cannabis grower or budtender. Learn the lingo used in the cannabis industry so you can do your job better, if and when you get hired. Try to find someone in the industry that you admire and seek their help.

4. Understand The Mission

Next, you must know your mission as well as the mission of the cannabis business that you are seeking to join as an employee. At the interview, be sure to ask about the company's mission. This will show that you care about the company and its goals. Find opportunities to talk about the company's mission and how it has impacted you. Let the interviewer know that you want to assist in furthering the company's mission and goals.

5. Ask Questions

Ask as many questions as you can to learn about the company and its future prospects. Think about your questions before asking. The interview will notice that you have a lot of interest in the job and the industry.

Once you are offered the cannabis job, write an acceptance letter and do not wait until you start the job before researching the position to learn what is going to be expected of you. Online courses from Cannabis Training University equip students with skills to impress prospective employers and ace the interview.

If you want to know more about the cannabis industry and how to land a job, go to Cannabis Training University and get training to become a budtender.

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Fred Hernandez - Cannabis industry expert writer
Fred Hernandez

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