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A report released in 2018 by Leafly crunched the numbers and identified the most coveted marijuana jobs by city. The cannabis industry expects to bring in over $66 billion by 2025 and has produced over 211,000 jobs so far. If you want to get in on the action, here are the most in-demand job opportunities in the nation’s top 10 markets based on data from job search engine ZipRecruiter.

1. Denver, CO: Business Strategist

Denver is bursting with retail activity. The latest count shows dispensaries having a higher relative density than Starbucks or McDonald’s locations in the city. In such a mature dispensary market, competition is stiff.

A knowledgeable and experienced business strategist can develop and expand a brand to gain consumer attention. Leafly reports that marketers, event planners, and business development specialists will be highly-coveted careers in Denver.

2. Los Angeles, CA: Cannabis Experience Expert

Following the footsteps of San Francisco’s consumption clubs, Los Angeles is set for an expansion of restaurants and consumption clubs. West Hollywood, in particular, has begun licensing consumption lounges including the famed Lowell Farms cafe.

The buzz in West Hollywood is set to create an in-demand job market for cannabis experts who can promote the lounge and coordinate events.

3. San Francisco, CA: Compliance Expert

California began legal marijuana sales in 2018 and has continued to roll-out new laws helping medical marijuana patients and updating tax law. San Francisco has been especially progressive in expunging cannabis possession convictions and expanding the market.

A compliance expert ensures a marijuana business operates within the law to avoid getting their license removed.

4. Seattle, WA: State Inspector

Facility inspections performed by the state evaluate cannabis businesses to make check the business is being state-compliant by checking for best business practices for processing, storage, and sale of marijuana products. The state’s annual fee for edibles producers will be allocated to enforce the sanitary processing requirements.

5. Portland, OR: Accountant

An accounting firm that specializes in handling marijuana business accounts can keep businesses out of trouble with tax authorities. Portland has gone through a spate of tax evasion and fraud cases. Accountants must know how to work with IRS section 280E, which prevents marijuana businesses from deducting many expenses from their income. An expert accountant will be a hot commodity for businesses looking to avoid audits.

6. San Jose, CA: Tech Entrepreneurs

San Jose has a bustling medical marijuana market with a higher relative density than San Francisco and Los Angeles. San Jose is also the backdrop for fervent startup activity. Tech startups are creating everything from app solutions to point-of-sale software to automate traceability and security of products and sales. Tech entrepreneurs can foster a hotbed of ideas and novel software in San Jose.

7. Santa Barbara, CA: Investors

In 2018, Santa Barbara issued the most cultivation licenses in the state and the country reaching up to 737 licenses. With such an influx of marijuana cultivators, the need for upfront capital to expand operations is necessary. Cannabis businesses in the area have been scrambling to find financial support to compete for a share of the market.

8. Miami, FL: Lobbyists and Attorneys

Lobbyists and attorneys were key players in battling through litigation in the state stalling the industry. Florida is now one of the largest marijuana markets in the country. Lobbyists and attorneys continue to be essential to help regulators craft legislation and advocate for progressive reform in the industry.

9. Las Vegas, NV: Entertainers

Las Vegas is known as a hotspot for fun and adventure, but some consumers may be uneducated about marijuana due to decades of stigmatization. A marijuana museum called Cannabition opened in Las Vegas to teach visitors about the benefits of cannabis. Entertainers, live acts, and other performers can help make marijuana more palatable to the masses in the entertainment capital of the world.

10. Tallahassee, FL: Budtenders

Tallahassee and other cities in Florida have ramped up hiring patient care coordinators, also known as budtenders, to help the growing number of customers find the right cannabis for them. Knowing as much about the cannabis plant, its effects, how to use it, and which products are best for which effects are essential to finding a budtender job and providing quality service.

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