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In 2018, medical cannabis was allowed in Missouri, and the state allows recreational use as of 2022. Since that time, the cannabis business has resulted in the creation of thousands of new employment and has brought in tax income of millions of dollars for the state.

Missouri Cannabis Jobs

In the state of Missouri, the cannabis sector employs workers in a wide variety of occupations, including the following:

Cannabis cultivation
Dispensary Managers
Delivery Drivers
Security Guards
Cannabis Accountants
Cannabis Lawyers

These are some of the many cannabis jobs in missouri at this time.

Wages and salaries of Missouri Cannabis Jobs

In the cannabis sector in the state of Missouri, salaries can vary widely based on the position held and the amount of experience one has. However, many employment in the cannabis industry pay wages that are competitive with those of other industries and offer perks such as health insurance and paid vacation time.

According to a research that was published in 2022 by the Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association, the annual wage that is considered to be standard for a cannabis worker in the state of Missouri is $50,000. Cultivators, manufacturers, and quality assurance inspectors have some of the highest salaries in the sector.

The following is a breakdown of the average salary for cannabis jobs in 2023, according to statistics provided by ZipRecruiter:

Cannabis cultivation: $50,000
Dispensary managers: $75,000
Budtenders: $30,000
Cannabis delivery driver: $25,000
Cannabis security guards: $40,000
Cannabis accountants: $60,000
Cannabis lawyers: $100,000

It is essential to keep in mind that the figures presented here are merely estimates, and that actual pay may differ significantly based on a variety of aspects, such as level of experience, geographic area, and the scale of the business. Missouri currently has a strong cannabis industry so Missouri cannabis jobs tend to be on the higher of the averages.

For instance, those who work in cannabis cultivation in a state that has a substantial and established cannabis sector are likely to earn more than their counterparts in states where the industry is still in its infancy. In addition, the average salary of dispensary managers in urban areas is likely to be higher than the average salary in rural areas.

In general, the cannabis industry is a sector that is rapidly expanding, which has resulted in a wide range of employment prospects, not just in Missouri. Jobs involving cannabis typically offer competitive salaries, and many of these jobs also provide benefits such as paid time off and medical insurance for their employees.

Conduct thorough research in order to identify a cannabis company that is a suitable match for your talents and expertise if you are considering working in the cannabis market at one of the many Missouri cannabis jobs.

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Missouri Income from Cannabis Taxes

Since 2019, the state of Missouri has generated almost one hundred million dollars in tax income from the sale of cannabis and fees associated with licenses. The state levies a 4% tax on cannabis sold for medical purposes and a 6% tax on cannabis sold for recreational use.

Missouri Cities with the Most Dispensaries and Cannabis Jobs

The following are some of Missouri's cities that have the highest concentration of cannabis dispensaries as well as Missouri cannabis jobs:

Kansas City, Missouri St. Louis, Springfield, Columbia, Joplin.

Missouri Cannabis Jobs Summary

The cannabis industry is one of the most dynamically expanding industries in the state of Missouri. The Missouri cannabis industry has been responsible for the creation of thousands of employment and has brought in tax revenue that is in the millions of dollars for the state.

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If you live in Missouri and are interested in working in the cannabis sector, there are a variety of options available to assist you in getting your career off the ground.

Both the Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association and the Missouri Cannabis Industry Association provide information regarding future events, and Cannabis Training University has all the Missouri cannabis job training certification programs offered online. 

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