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In 2022, we expect the legal cannabis industry to continue its lightning-fast job growth. As new markets launch and existing markets grow, mmj jobs will continue to rise, providing prospective employees a wide range of career opportunities.

The medical marijuana industry focuses on patient safety and health. Each state has its medical marijuana laws governing cannabis possession, purchasing, home cultivation, and medical cannabis businesses.

While recreational marijuana markets tend to cut into medical marijuana programs, many medical cannabis jobs are still available. If you are interested in finding a rewarding and exciting career in medical marijuana, watch out for these seven great MMJ jobs for 2022.

What to Expect in the MMJ Jobs Industry in 2022

Industry insiders predict 2022 will bring in even more sales and job growth, despite the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on the supply chain. Many cannabis businesses will see new opportunities in newly launched markets in 2022. As a result, jobs in the cannabis industry will provide employees outside of the industry with new marijuana career opportunities.

In 2022, the midterms can include state ballot initiatives that seek to legalize medical cannabis. Currently, Arkansas advocates are gathering petition signatures for two proposals. In Nebraska, voters are expected to vote on legal medical cannabis. Other states are pushing for adult-use cannabis initiatives that could be passed in the midterms.

Jobs in the cannabis industry and other industries that provide services to cannabis companies are set to grow. If you have been thinking about making a big career move, working in marijuana cultivation, processing, retail, testing, or ancillary businesses may be right for you. Consider these top 7 cannabis careers in 2022.

1. Cannabis Grower

Cannabis growers are the backbone of the medical cannabis industry. All the lab-tested and therapeutic cannabis products start as healthy cannabis plants. Cannabis growers are responsible for providing plants with an optimal growing environment.

Cannabis growers can benefit from a degree in horticulture or botany to learn the essential skills of growing plants. However, many workers can start from the bottom with a trimming position and work their way up without any previous cultivation experience.

A grow operation has a range of employees, including a cultivation manager, master grower, and bud trimmer. Medical cannabis cultivation companies hire experienced master growers to oversee the entire cultivation facility and lead a team of cultivation workers.

2. Cannabis Consultant

As states continue to pass medical cannabis laws, startups and other up-and-coming businesses seek experienced cannabis consultants to guide them through the new and often confusing world of applications, licensing, and scaling a cannabis company, especially since each state has a different medical marijuana program.

3. Cannabis Scientist

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Cannabis scientists propel the medical cannabis industry forward with new research on cannabinoids, terpenes, and their medical effects on different symptoms and conditions. As the world opens up to legal cannabis, the need for cannabis research grows. Research can uncover new medicinal uses for marijuana.

4. Cannabis Extraction Technician

The cannabis extraction segment has helped provide rapid growth for the industry, increasing the availability of cannabis extraction jobs. Concentrate processors like cannabis extraction technicians can earn a relatively high salary, especially with previous lab experience or a college degree in a relevant science field.

Cannabis extraction technicians in the medical cannabis industry must have extensive knowledge about operating extraction equipment, handling potentially flammable and explosive solvents, and performing refinement procedures to eliminate the contaminants and residual solvents from the final product.

Extractors must produce a pure product for medical cannabis patients that can be used in topicals, edibles, tinctures, and more.

5. Cannabis Edibles Chef

Edibles are quickly becoming one of the most popular product segments in the cannabis industry. Edibles cannabis companies rely on edibles chefs to formulate new products and produce an entire line of consistently dosed edibles. Edibles are an excellent alternative for medical cannabis patients that do not want to inhale cannabis.

6. Cannabis Trimmer

Cannabis trimmers are entry-level cannabis jobs that can be a great stepping stone towards other careers in cultivation or processing. Cannabis trimmers must have high attention to detail and trim bud quickly to produce medical marijuana buds without the sugar leaves or stems.

7. Cannabis Budtender

Cannabis budtenders in a medical cannabis dispensary are integral in educating new and seasoned cannabis patients with the right product, delivery method, and strain for a specific condition or symptom.

Cannabis budtenders are entry-level mmj jobs that require a friendly demeanor, knowledge of the cannabis industry, and experience in a fast-paced retail environment.

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