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If you want to become an entrepreneur, you may want to consider and pursue how to open a pot shop in the state of Colorado. While this may not seem like the business that most people would choose, since the legalization of marijuana, the industry has become quite lucrative for those who want to try to gain a place in the cannabis marketplace.

The Cannabis Industry

This industry is rapidly growing and before it begins to get overcrowded, you could consider starting a medical cannabis dispensary or recreational pot shop. Before you open up your pot shop, though, you have to understand the industry and the market.

To do so, taking a medical cannabis course to become certified would be extremely helpful. The Cannabis Training University offers such cannabis certifications, where you will learn the ins and outs of growing and distributing marijuana legally and responsibly.

The Steps to Open a Dispensary

First, you have to become familiar with the laws governing the marijuana industry and the licensing that is necessary to open up your cannabis shop. Next, you have to determine the criteria to be met in starting a retail dispensary. You also need to know the state requirements to owning and operating a cannabis dispensary or other marijuana business.

The Requirements to Open a Dispensary

There are laws as to the age requirement. To operate a cannabis business in the state of Colorado, you have to be 21 years or older. You must also be a resident of the state of Colorado for two years, even prior to putting in an application for a cannabis license.

You also cannot have a felony conviction for less than ten years using or distributing a controlled substance. The felony charge has to be completely discharged within five years of applying for a license. You may not have been financed by someone who has a criminal record or reputation.

If you have a criminal history, it should not show poor moral judgment and character. You also cannot owe child support to the state of Colorado or your application will be denied.

To open a weed shop, you cannot be a:

  • Police officer
  • Deputy Sheriff
  • Sheriff
  • Prosecutor
  • Staff of a State Licensing Authority
  • Licensed health professional giving patient suggestions or recommendations

The Documents to Open a Dispensary

To successfully open up a Colorado dispensary, you can download the business license application from the website. You may need additional documents such as:

  • Proof that the premises are licensed or going to be licensed
  • Disclosure of funding source or sources
  • Copies of your tax license
  • Court records

Once you have retrieved the documents and completed them, you should mail in your application or deliver it in person.

Make sure you include these very important details:

  • Why you are applying for a dispensary license?
  • The number of cannabis business owners
  • Business name and address of your dispensary
  • Your name and phone number

You also have to prove that you can operate a medical cannabis facility in the local state jurisdiction. There is an application fee associated with a cannabis pot shop license. The application fee is $5,000 and the license fee is $3,000. Remember that your application fee is generally due at the time when you apply. So make sure you have those fees ready.

Conclusion on How to Open a Pot Shop in Colorado

Once the process has been completed, you will be awarded a medical cannabis or recreational marijuana store license. You can begin to market your business once it is up and running.

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However, before you do all of these things, it is best to learn as much as you can about the market and the industry. To do so, the Cannabis Training University invites you to enroll in their in-depth cannabis dispensary class where you will be equipped with everything you need to run your pot shop.

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