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If you're at the point where you're wondering what questions to ask an employer during the interview—congratulations! You've made it past the initial application review process.

An interview is a two-way street. Competition is tough for jobs in cannabis. Asking the hard questions will demonstrate your passion as a potential hire and help you gauge whether the position and company will be the right fit for your future in the cannabis industry.

Here are 6 Questions to Ask an Employer During the Interview:

 1Is Your Cannabis Company Licensed?

Not all companies in the cannabis industry today are licensed. Things can vary company-to-company and state-to-state.

While the legality of cannabis at the federal level could change, unlicensed cannabis companies can still receive cease-to-operate orders.

Working with a licensed company means you’re far less likely to lose your job because of the illegal federal status of cannabis.

2. What Would The Schedule Be For This Cannabis Role?

The cannabis industry was growing before 2020 and is booming more than ever now with many staying home.

Depending on the type of position you’re applying for, the role’s schedule could vary wildly beyond the stereotypical 9-5 work week.

Many cannabis businesses function like start-ups where they put in long hours to gain their footing in the industry.

Ask what a typical work week might look like—in terms of duties and scheduling—as well as how they'd address overtime work or tasks other than those outlined by the contract or job description.

3. What Characteristics Will Help Me Succeed In This Marijuana Job?

Encourage your interviewer to describe the role beyond what has already been listed in the ad or description for the cannabis job.

Asking this question is a great indicator of your interest in the position and, if you win the position, will also provide some helpful insight for your first day on the job.

If there are current employees that have or previously held the same role, ask for examples of the actions that made them invaluable to the team.

Positions like cannabis dispensary budtender, marijuana horticulturist, and cannabis edibles production specialists have different responsibilities at every company.

Don't assume your experience at one company will align completely with the role at a different company.

4. How Would You Describe The Management Style this Cannabis Company?

Regardless of your success in any given role, it doesn’t mean much if the environment at your workplace makes you dread stepping through the doors every day.

Don’t come right out and ask the interviewer to explain their company culture—ask more subtle questions like how the company celebrates success, how they respond to failure, and what employees typically do during their lunch break.

Their answers will give you insight into their management style and cannabis company culture.

5. How Are Your Cannabis Employees Compensated For Their Time?

Although you might not want to ask this question straight out of the gates, discussing pay and benefits is a vital conversation.

This question will help you start a conversation about the role’s pay as well as the benefits that the cannabis company may offer.

Because some insurance providers won’t work with cannabis companies, it’s possible that a marijuana recruiting company doesn't offer benefits that other industries typically provide.

Some cannabis companies offer unique perks for employees. You'll want to take all aspects of compensation into consideration before accepting an offer.

6. Where Do You Think The Cannabis Company Will Be In 5 Years?

The future of cannabis is promising but legislation is filed daily and state regulations change constantly.

Asking your potential employer what their plans are for the future and how they might address changes that arise will show you whether or not they're in for the long-term.

Having a business plan, even in an industry as dynamic as cannabis, demonstrates organization and preparation that proves the company is prepared for market shifts.

This means success for them—and job security for you.

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Don't Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Knowing which questions to ask an employer during the interview is a process that takes trial and error. If there's something you want to know, don't be afraid to ask.

Things like culture, values, political beliefs, and more are unique to each person and company, and it's important you find the right role for your future success.

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